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[Nonexistent Prologue]

-Notification to <The Staff>

Recently, in regards to the results from the people running interference, the higher ups of <The Company> have begun to voice their doubts.

Given the nature of your job, gentlemen, your achievements are not something that cannot be surmised with numbers. However, your current contributions to <The Company> have yet to be seen.

There may be those who point out <The Human Feedback System,> incident, but when taking account of the circumstances of occurring, the likelihood of it repeating are extremely low. In short, excuses will not be tolerated.

For that reason, the gentlemen of <The Staff> wish to have you apply this project once more, with urgency.

Had we been affected by <The Academy’s> atmosphere and let down our guard?

Did we depend on the manual too much and forget to act flexibly?

Did we overestimate our own position and influence?

Don’t make light of children.

The abilities of you gentlemen are certainly high. I am sure that no other elites that excel at grasping human hearts such as you exist in Japan.

However, because you gentlemen are so excellent, would you not have some difficulty in completely understanding the heart of this era’s inexperienced children?

And so…

Is that not why, incidentally, you have been defeated by a certain student council?

Therefore <The Staff> has, for this occasion, decided to introduce a new breakthrough solution.

That breakthrough solution is –

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One thought on “Prologue

  1. Yes! I’m all caught up with the translations! I just want to say thank you for all the time you’ve taken to translate this light novel. I really appreciate it

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