Chapter 5

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[5th Discussion ~ The Hardworking Student Council~]

“No matter what, no matter how boring something is, experience will make a person grow bit by bit!’”

As usual, the prez stuck out her small chest and proudly spoke as if she were reciting something she probably read in some book.

Hearing those words, I vigorously responded, “Ooh! Prez! You finally admitted that what I’ve been doing all this time wasn’t useless!”


The prez suddenly stopped speaking, and began to mumble to herself, “Ugh… Sure, there’s still that kind of interpretation!”

She crossed her arms for a moment, then smiled while continuing with, “But Sugisaki is an exception!”

“Hey hey! How can that be! Why am I the exception!”

“Because Sugisaki is not included in the term ‘person’. Quotes by famous people are always true! For normal people, no matter how boring something is, the experience will make that person grow! ”

“So then why am I the exception! I am experiencing growth!”

“No! In Sugisaki’s case, the more experiences he accumulates, the more degraded he becomes! Just look at the second volume of this ‘Student Council’(1) series! From the first volume up until now, you haven’t changed at all!”

“U…ugh, I can’t argue back!”

I could not say anything in response. The prez wore a satisfied smile as she looked at the surrounding student council members and said confidently, “So with that said, today we will hold a study meeting! As the student council, we have to study hard! So in order to raise the average score of the student council members, we’re holding a study meeting!”

So said the prez while taking out a notebook from her bag, and with a ‘bang!’ slammed it on the table.

The Shiina sisters still couldn’t understand what had just happened, so only Chizuru-san smiled mysteriously at the other upperclassman. Aside from the prez who looked so confident on the surface, it made me curious as to how Chizuru-san fares in school.

I simply couldn’t understood the attitude of these two, so I bowed my head in deep thought. Chizuru-san seemed to notice my reaction, and smiled while saying to me,

“Key-kun, I’ll give you a hint.”

“Hm? A hint?”

I didn’t understand what she was getting at and had a huge ‘?’ mark above my head. Chizuru-san proceeded to say just one sentence.

“Aka-chan’s grades.”

“Hey! Chizuru!”

Clearly I was the one Chizuru-san was talking to, but it was the prez who responded so strongly.

Looking at the situation… “Ahhh, so that’s how it is.” It’s all clear now. It seemed the Shiina sisters reached the same conclusion too, as both of them nodded their heads in understanding.

To summarize:

Because I joined courtesy of the ‘excellence program’, I forgot the whole premise of the Student Council: that they were not chosen by their grades, but by popular vote. Even if they were in the student council, not all of them would have good grades.

Maybe this year’s student council was an exception though, because our grades were quite good. I had the best grades of the year, while Chizuru-san’s grade were good without question. Minatsu, while she didn’t look like it, was actually one of the top five. As for Mafuyu-chan, while her grades are not that great, she is at least better than average.

But up until now, I’ve never heard anything regarding the prez’s grades. At first I assumed that they were just ‘higher or lower’ than average. But after looking at the prez’s reaction, and her sudden insistence on a study meeting…

Everyone looked at the prez, and Mafuyu dealt the finishing blow.

“Um… Prez… Could it be that… your grades… are bad?”


Attacked by Mafuyu-chan’s cutting words, the prez let out some unintelligible sound. Cold sweat began to bead on her cheek while she desperately sort to change the subject, finally resorting to, “It, it got nyathing to do with it!”

If we further pursue the issue, the prez might became very angry, so we hurriedly prepared the books for the study meeting. But in everyone’s eyes was the look of ‘Let’s wait for the study meeting to start before teasing the prez again’.

The prez cleared her throat before saying,

“Now then, even if we’re in different grades, let’s use this chance to study hard together.”

“Huh? How hard?”

Said Minatsu just like that. The prez ‘flip flip flip flip’ flipped the pages of her book while replying,

“Like, even with one or two hours of reading, it felt like there was no effect. So this time let us discuss and share tips and tricks for the exams…”

The prez raised her eyes hopefully.

…Discuss and share huh? Truth be told, the grades of everyone present, save for the prez, were more than good enough. So then… today’s meeting turned into the ‘Let’s help the prez for the examination’ case.

Everyone was so kind and gentle, no one pointed out the truth. So very kind and gentle.

“Then, let us start.”

Was what Chizuru-san said. Though, deep in her eyes, it was clearly written, ‘Huhuhu. Today I will be sure to properly tease you.’ Such intense desires were burning in plain sight, but the prez was oblivious to it. Instead, she was moved by Chizuru-san’s words.

“Then, Aka-chan… let’s start with Japanese.”

“Okay. Ah, speaking about Japanese… I’m not that good at— I mean! I’m really good at it! I should have gotten a perfect score on it every time! It’s just that there was always some kind of disturbance… Yeah! So, I would love to hear if there’s any kind of secret trick!”

The prez… so cute, seriously, today’s prez is really so ultra-cute.

Even Minatsu smiled along with Mafuyu-chan at the prez. She’s just too cute today.

“Ah, Mafuyu is really good at Japanese, she’s sure to have tips and tricks for it.”

Mafuyu-chan voluntarily stood up. The prez gave her a meaningful gaze while leaning her upper body forward and said, “Please!” Prez, you forgot how to act already.

Mafuyu-chan coughed once, and then pointed her finger as if a teacher and said,

“Listen carefully, Prez.”


“Japanese is actually… a kind of script!”

“Script, scenario?”

“That’s right! Just like those in games and animes, the script is Japanese!”

“Is, is that so?”

“Then, let us practice. For example, something like this, ‘The moment the enemy attacked, a trap card sprung out! All the cards in your hand were sent to the graveyard due to the card effect.’ appeared on the Japanese test.”

“Even though this kind of question won’t ever appear… but whatever.”

“Then, Prez, please imagine the scene, then come up with the proper response, what line would be the most fitting.”

“What kind of question is that!? Is it even Japanese!?”

“It’s Japanese! It’s totally Japanese! Now, come on!”

“Eh… um… “Uwaaah, I’m doomed!” Like that?”

“It’s precisely because of this your grade is the way it is, Prez!”


“Remember, in this kind of situation, what you should say is, “Too naive! I’ll use this magic card! It renders all trap cards ineffective!” like that!”

“How could I know that! I didn’t even know such a countermove could be used!”

“Ah… Prez, that’s no good. What Prez lacked most is creativity.”

“You need creativity for the Japanese Exam!?”

“Of course. For example, if I run across something like, ‘From two guys, who will be the seme and who will be the uke? Please give the reason from your choice, and describe the s*x scene.’ How should I answer?”

“I’ll go beat up the teacher first.”

“It’s not like that! Listen carefully! At that time, I would write such a story that it’d make even the teacher blush, that’s how a real BL lover should answer!”

“What BL lover! I have no interest in it at all!”

“…Sigh. Nothing can be done. Looks like the Prez has no talent for Japanese at all.”

“That’s only because it’s judged by the perspective of a BL lover!”

“Really, Mafuyu has nothing more to say. Can we please move on to the next subject.”

Mafuyu-chan stopped talking and sat back down. The prez, depressed, mumbled, “It feels like playing as the away team today…” Really pitiful… but we won’t stop here.

Mafuyu-chan’s secret trick for the Japanese test didn’t work out. Like usual, this time it’s Minatsu’s turn to stand up.

The prez, already bereft of motivation, just looked up at her and asked, “What subject is Minatsu good at? I only know that you are good at sports (P.E)…”

Hearing her question, Minatsu bluntly answered, “That’s a good question. I’ll tell you guys, I’m very good at math!”


“W-why it’s not only the prez, but all of you are making that kind of expression!”

“No, nothing…”

While sweating nervously, I squeezed out a smile at Minatsu, the others following along with fake smiles of their own.

…It’s really a surprise. Because of her good grades, I thought she studied hard for it. But she actually said that ‘she’s good at math’. This statement would make all people who knew Minatsu get surprised.

Chizuru-san just sighed and mumbled to herself, “Dear me… I think that’s something like character deviation.”

“Why does it sounds like you’re pitying someone!”

Even Mafuyu-chan looked gloomy, “Mafuyu… feels like she had seen a hidden side of onee-chan she shouldn’t.”

“Why is that!? You have to be able to accept it as an imouto!”

“Onee-chan… is not the same onee-chan Mafuyu used to know!”

“Too heavy! It was just a simple sentence, but the meaning is way too heavy in such scene!”

“But Mafuyu still believes in onee-chan!”

“Please don’t speak as if your onee-chan had fallen to the dark side!”

After Mafuyu-chan sighed, I continued with,

“How to say it… As a heroine, it is kinda unbalanced.”

“What kind of unbalance!?”

“Originally, Minatsu should have… ‘good at sports, but not good in academic skill’ , or ‘goes dizzy when she sees numbers’ kind of traits.”

“Please don’t use your own standard to determine other’s traits!”

“But have you ever seen a 2chan discussion thread like, ‘She’s so good at math, so moe’?”

“I don’t even want to be called moe, so it doesn’t matter!”

Ah… What to say… what to say…”

“Why are you imitating Ato Kai!”(2)

“So unlike you, Minatsu, yeah, it’s so unlike you.”

“Why don’t you help me in teaching the subject I’m good at! Whose side are you on!”

Minatsu roared at us. Mmm… to think that Minatsu is good at math, it’s kinda unfitting.

Chizuru-san, Mafuyu-chan, and me all sighed together. Looking at us, the prez couldn’t help but smile wryly.

Minatsu swung her hands in the air protesting, but after a few moments tried to return to the topic at hand.

“Okay so… Prez, you wanted to hear tips and tricks for math?”

“Ah, n-no-not that, I am…. I am very good at all subjects! Oh! But, you see, it seems that Sugisaki wanted to know, so I’ll listen to it for him!”

“Is that so… well, no matter. I’ll tell it to you, so concentrate and listen carefully.”


Minatsu suddenly stopped talking… And after a moment of silence, she stared at the prez

And so she began:

“Mathematics is just like a jigsaw puzzle. To get the final result we need to use the pieces (numbers) and put it in the frames (formula). “

“Okay, sounds legit… Looks like it was worth the wait.”

“To put it simply, no matter what the piece and frame is, we can use the same method every time!”

“So that’s it! So all we have to do is to focus on the equation? Then—”

“Wrong! What you need is… ‘overwhelming force’!”


“Think about it, Prez. So many variations and types of puzzles exist, the fastest way to solve them all is…”


“It’s to use force to threaten! Make the adjacent student answer it for you!”

“Most people call this method cheating!”

“It’s not the same. It was something done by other people, it’s not like you yourself cheated.”

“That sounds like what robbers use as an excuse!”

“Prez, don’t you know. Exams are made to test ‘the student’s capabilities and conviction’. I think from this perspective, there’s nothing wrong in utilizing whatever is at your disposal to gain a perfect score.”

“I insist that it’s wrong.”

“Since there are the students who study hard to score high, of course there are the students who uses force to score high too! Don’t you think the freedom for each student to show their individuality is a good form of education?”

“Isn’t this basically raising a criminal?”

“Come on, Prez, you too should join the ‘TaeBo aerobic workout’ right away! It’s a good time to gain some muscles!”

“And there’s even a sudden marketing advertisement!”

“Sign up now for free ‘Keyboard stickers’!”

“It sounds more like dumping unsold goods rather than gifts.”

“And as a bonus, Shiina Mafuyu’s signed autobiography!”

“Wah… so happy…”

“Everything at a two Yen only special price!”

“So low! It’s way too cheap! It sounds scary!”

“Huff… So there, I got nothing more to teach to you.”

“Although your expression looks like that of a master that has passed his secret skill to his apprentice, may I forget everything you just taught me?”

Without caring for the prez’s retort, Minatsu just stood there with her chest puffed out pridefully.

…Just now, what Mafuyu-chan said can be treated as just a joke, but in Minatsu’s case, there’s a chance that what she said was the truth, so it was a bit frightening. ‘Minatsu’s Tae Bo’ might actually exist, along with the keyboard stickers…

It looked like the prez wanted to change the subject as soon as possible, as she looked at me and Chizuru-san. Her expression was half expectant and half uneasy. I could see that she felt restless.

I could understand why, since it’s Chizuru-san who would usually be the first to tease the prez. She’s also in the third year, the same as the prez, and got the highest rank in her year. Along with me in the second year, the two of us got the school’s ‘Outstanding Achievement’.

The two of us, rather than innate talent, were hard workers (studying is also one of Chizuru-san’s hobbies). That’s why the prez thought that ‘we must have secret tips’ and why she’s anxiously staring at us full of expectation.

That siad, I DO have the kind of secret tips and tricks that the prez expects. After all, after hours and hours of studying before exams, one would find his own unique way of studying or come up with some secret tricks.

For example, the habits of the teacher.

Guessing what would be on the exam based on what we observed from the teacher’s past classes.

There’s also a way to increase your score in multiple-choices questions and so on.

But… how to say it? It’s like… these kind of methods are what you call shortcuts, something close or akin to ‘foul’ tips.


“Sugisaki, what subject are you good at?”

The prez looked at me with such high expectations… Ah… What should I do now?

I can say that, ‘even knowing that kind of trick is useless’ to conclude it.

But giving her some help is also an attractive option.

If this were a bishoujo game, it would be a hard choice to make.

Just like this…

Prez: “Sugisaki, would you teach me?”

Me: “Prez…”

What to do?

– Teach her the tricks.

– Kindly tell her: ‘Even if you know the secret tricks, it’s not good for you.’

– Push her away.

More or less like that, right?

If this were a game, I would first save the game, then pick the third option to collect the CG and read the description of the scene. But unfortunately this is real life, and picking the third option would lead to troublesome problems.

Now there’s two options remaining. Both of them should not pose a real problem. The second has a bit of goodwill, but the first option is themost straightforward.


“Su-Sugisaki? What’s wrong? You suddenly become very quiet…”

“Please hold on a sec, Prez, right now I’m being confronted with a very big choice.”


“Depending on the option I select, this could affect whether I get a good end with the prez or not!”

“That doesn’t matter! How would we end up like that just becuase of this kind of chat!”

“Prez, you don’t understand. In the so called bishoujo-game, even a single minor choice can alter the ending completely.”

“For Sugisaki to look at the world as if he’s in a bishoujo game is the biggest problem!”

“How could I? Don’t look at me as if I couldn’t differentiate a plot in a bishoujo-game and a crime in real life.”

“You already had the intention!”

“That’s so rude. I hate that kind of thinking that confuses games with real life.”

“It’s clearly because you are this kind of person!”

“What foolish thing are you saying… You can see how devoted I am to bishoujo games, but have you ever seen me manage to score a girl in real life?”

“In-Indeed, I never…”

“That’s right. It’s the evidence that I won’t confuse bishoujo-games with reality.”

“That’s just because reality is harsh regarding relationships!”

“Ah… What are you talking about, Prez? If I were serious, I could get one or two cute girls easily.”

“You don’t need to spite yourself…”

“Hmph. Since it’s come to this, I will show you my real strength… The strength of the MC!”

Sugisaki Ken’s secret strategy for a best end!

“You know, this book is written in first person POV. Changing the narrative is a piece of cake.”

“That’s totally cheating! It’s practically a total fabrication!”

“Fabrication, huh… it’s okay, the readers wouldn’t know.”

“Don’t say it like that! Even going as far as comparing reality to bishoujo games, ‘from the POV of the protagonist’ kind of thinking is dangerous! It’s true that the ‘Seitokai Ichizon’ books are written by Sugisaki, but don’t mix up reality with fiction!”(3)

“…Okay, okay, it’s my bad. The bed scene with the prez will be limited to the LN version only.”



But having a bed scene is an important matter. You readers also want to see one, right?(4)

“Stop messing around, quickly teach me.”

“Erm… you know that….”

I originally intended to swerve the topic away and that’s why I played around with the prez with jokes, but she managed to recover, huh. Oh well, I guess that’s enough playing around.

I took a peek at Chizuru-san and she gave me a little wink as if saying ‘it’s up to you’.

So that’s how it’ll go…

I seriously turned to face the prez.

“Okay then, listen carefully, it won’t be bad to remember these. Rather than studying questions from the textbooks, it’d be better to read those in your notebook. Prez, you should do your best to copy those written on the blackboard.”

“Huh? Why is that? Aren’t the questions taken from the textbooks?”

“Yes they are. However, this is not like the national exams were everything was strictly from the textbooks and everyone had to do the same questions. Since these are mid terms and final exams for our school only, the teachers will be the ones who come up with them and they will be from what they taught in class. At least in this school, there’s no awful teacher who would ask questions outside of the material they taught in class.”

“Ah, so it was like that? I just need to focus more on the important points being taught in class ? So I can get the summary easily? So that’s how it goes…”

“Yeah, learning from the textbooks is indeed good, but for exams like these… Learning from what is in your notebook is better for grasping the topic of the exams. Do you understand?”

“Um! That’s very helpful!”

Truth be told, it isn’t just me, but almost every single student know about it. Except for the prez.

As expected… her bad grades were not all due to her being ‘book dumb’ solely, but also because of her honest and straightforward personality. She honestly sticks to the straight and narrow way too obediently.

By using her method, it’d be impossible. Using only one or two days to learn subjects that were taught over the course of months is simply impossible.

While having a straightforward character is good, sometimes it can be troublesome like in this case. That’s why teaching her this stuff should be okay.

And then I taught the prez some general study tips (Not specific exam taking tips.)

The prez’s mood improved and she smiled more and told me ‘thanks!’ every now and then. She even forgot her ‘all-knowing’ facade. Really… using that attitude like a small child being grateful would move the heart of anyone, let alone me. She’s as cunning as ever.

When I finished explaining, she smiled and turned to Chizuru-san.

“Chizuru, do you have some tips and tricks?”

Faced with the expectant face of the prez, Chizuru smiled gently and spoke only one sentence.

“Nothing at all. It’s all about daily practice and effort, Aka-chan.”
“Aaah… Prez got turned down on the spot!”

When she heard Chizuru-san’s direct responce, Minatsu couldn’t help but retort loudly.

The prez seemed like she suffered a heavy blow and got teary eyed.

“Waaaaah, Chizuru…”

““It’s no use even if you’re crying. I’ve got nothing to teach you.”

“Ho-how could that be. I’m relying completely on you, Chizuru!”

The prez was hitting Chizuru with her small fists with a ‘pomf pomf’.

The prez… I think she’s in the state called ‘sulking’.

“Aka-chan, studying for exams is supposed to be a daily thing. Studying everything all at once in such a short time is just not going to work.”

“But not everyone is able to do that!”

“Yes. You are correct. Still, it doesn’t affect me, so you can try whatever you want.”


Receiving such a reply from Chizuru-san, the the prez was left flabbergasted. Until now, we’ve never seen Chizuru-san speak as harshly as that. The three of us on the sidelines looked at each other in confusion.

Chizuru-san looked towards us and secretly showed a small smile. Ah… I guess she’s in her own world now. The Shiina sisters also understood and smiled wryly.

The teary eyed prez could only weakly tug at Chizuru-san’s sleeve.

“Chizuru… aren’t we good friends?”

“Yes, you could ‘say’ we are good friends.”


Once again, the prez was struck with a heavy blow. It gives me the image of the prez getting cut down bit by bit with a blade. I feel kinda sorry for her now.

But the prez is still not giving up.

“U-um… Then, a little advice…”



“But… as friends, shouldn’t we give advice to each other…”

“What advice can Aka-chan give me?”


“Er… um… that… Ah! Chizuru, do you know?”

“I do.”

“I haven’t even said anything yet!”

“I don’t think there’s anything Aka-chan knows that I don’t know.”(5)


“T-t-then we can do a transaction! I might not have anything I can offer to teach Chizuru, but I’m sure I have something that will appease Chizuru… yeah, that’s right, if Chizuru gives me a tip, I’ll go buy some cold drink—”

“Resorting to bribery, oh how deep the Student Council Prez has fallen.”


“Oh… o-okay! So be it then! Me and Chizuru… are no longer friends!”

“Is that so? So Aka-chan is actually this kind of person. You’ll befriend someone only if they benefit you. Who could imagine you actually hid such a rotten personality… I’m really disappointed.”



Match over. Contestant Sakurano Kurimu was totally defeated, and is now crying on the table.

“To-today Akaba-senpai seems harsher than normal…”

Even as Minatsu whispered softly in awe, Chizuru-san gave her a strange smile and then proceeded to take out a notebook from her bag. All of us could only watch in confusion. Chizuru-san stood up and walked towards the prez, carrying the book on her back.

Chizuru-san softly patted the prez on the back. The prez looked up with a face full of tears as Chizuru-san presented the notebook to her.

“Th-this is… Chizuru?”

“Ufufu, I really don’t know what to do with you, Aka-chan. We are… truly best friends. Even though there are no benefits for me… I’ll still lend you my notes. So, don’t cry anymore, okay?”

Chizuru-san gently hugged the prez from behind as she spoke. The prez started to cry again, the difference this time being that the tears were of joy and relief instead of sadness.

So crafty!

At that moment I finally realized Chizuru-san’s real goal. The Shiina sisters also muttered ‘So that’s it…’ as they understand the meaning of Chizuru-san’s wink earlier.

And in that position where the prez couldn’t see her face, Chizuru-san showed us a proud smile. And she even looked straight at me as if saying, ‘How’s that, Key-kun?’

I, I’m defeated! Akaba Chizuru… Such skill! This carrot and stick method is so brilliant! It raises her good points so high! Not only that, it renders the good impression I made from teaching the prez just now nothing! No, actually she even used it for her purpose! I’ve been completely had!

So, that’s the case.

In the end… the final conclusion is this. Why does the prez rely so much on Chizuru-san? It’s because things like this happened over and over and she slowly brainwashed the prez. Such a frightful technique!

The prez still hadn’t move at all, sobbing, while I exchanged a look with Chizuru-san.
Using these eyes… convey the meaning to Chizuru-san!


(Ara, Key-kun, why are you so excited?)

(To think you’re like this…)

(Ara ara, so you dislike me now?)

(No, it’s not like that. It’s actually the opposite!)

(The opposite?)

(Yup, Chizuru-san…)

I closed my eyes for a brief moment. And then, I poured all of my soul into my eyes and opened them wide.

(That method of yours… please teach me the secret to master people’s emotions!)

(Key-kun also wants me to teach him?)

(I beg you!)

(Erm… you see…)

Chizuru-san looked up for a few seconds as if she was thinking before finally meeting my gaze with a smile.


(How could that be! Why!)

(This kind of thing can only be acquired through experience, Key-kun.)

Chizuru-san replied kindly without any trace of the ice-cold facade she showed the prez not long ago, making my heart skip a beat.

Chizuru-san… how could you…!

(You, you know it’s my goal in life! Why aren’t you helping me!)

(You need to use your own ‘power’ to make a harem, Key-kun.)

(What you said wasn’t wrong! But… But still!)

(I don’t like this kind of stubborn guy, Key-kun.)


Faced with Chizuru-san’s clean refusal, I couldn’t help but get dejected and hung my head. Kuh… How could it be… there’s such a good method, why won’t she teach me…

(Hey, Ken, don’t be so sad.)

(Cheer up, Senpai.)

It seemed that the silent conversation between me and Chizuru-san was noticed and the Shiina sisters were trying to comfort me.

I could only answer with a wry smile.

With that, the prez somehow managed to regain her spirit and opened Chizuru-san’s notebook to study. Likewise, Chizuru-san went to her seat and started studying. The Shiina sisters also opened their respective books.

I was left the only one standing, dejected and alone after the huge blow dealt by Chizuru-san refusing to teach me the shortcut to become a harem master.

I looked down at the table… when suddenly a piece of paper flew my way. It said:

“‘Ten ways to win Aka-chan over’… th-this is!”

I immediately looked up to find Chizuru-san smiling gently at me as if saying, ‘I really can’t say no to you…’

Chi-Chizuru-san! You are… a really good person!

I couldn’t help but shed tears.

Ah… you’re a goddess! With your overflowing love and passion, there’s no person like you in the whole world!

I carefully read the note and found the sides were filled with annotations for me. I shed tears once again.

(I will dedicate my life for Chizuru-san! Long live Chizuru-san!)

I looked at Chizuru-san with gratitude and warmth, which she answered with a smile.

Right at that moment.

Sugisaki’s heart was firmly under control.

“How frightening… Akaba-senpai’s control over people’s heart. How did she learn to do that?”

It seemed that Minatsu was saying something at my side, but I had all my attention on Chizuru-san, so I didn’t really hear what she said.

Chizuru-san just smiled as always while making the ‘ufufu’ giggle.

Long live Chizuru-san! Long live Chizuru-san! Long live!

Results Report :

Sakurano Kurimu’s were the same. When she was called by the teacher to do make up tests, she was mumbling something incoherent like ‘It’s the notebook who cheated me! I’m not in the wrong!’ repeatedly as the teacher took her away.
The student named Sugisaki Ken was taken to the police station for questioning. “Don’t be mistaken! This is the divine will! As long as the girls put on their swimsuits outdoors, as by the will, it will—” Before he finished speaking a blow dart was fired into his neck, making him fall asleep. He woke up without memory of the past few hours, and as for the ‘truth’, it remained in the dark.

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1. Yes, it’s Seizon LN.
2. Who??
3. Too late for that.
4. The translator and editors(?) also want to see it…
5. Insta killed.
6. Noap.

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