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For those of you who know of me from this book, it is nice to meet you. For those of you who already know me from my previous web novels, my blog, or elsewhere, it is good to see you again. Aoi Sekina here.

This may be sudden, but for some reason, there was a seven page afterword this time… whoops.

“What was troublesome?” you ask? The content of my last work, “Material Ghost,” had a comparatively serious tone, so the afterword was absurd in contrast.

The content of the work this time is absurd, so I had no idea what to write.

So what should I do? Like in the main part of this volume, should I have tried to make it up by having a one-man argument about the afterword?

In the first place, I wonder how someone who learned of my work through this book would think about the author.

And then I wonder what impression the people who have continued reading since Material Ghost have.

To help explain, my previous series, “Material Ghost,” was a pretty serious story. It had gags and love comedy moments too, but from the start it was the type of story where the protagonist attempted suicide and the heroine was a ghost, and the setting just got heavier from there (But even then it had slice of life and gag parts too).

Since I debuted with such a series, I find it interesting to think about how well this work, “Seitokai no Ichizon,” attracted the readers of my last work.


I forgot to consider the people browsing in the store who haven’t read the contents yet (Or otherwise the people who read the afterword first).

If I were to describe this work, “The Student Council’s Discretion – Hekiyou Academy Student Council’s Minutes 1,” in one word …

A joke. That is all.

……Well. To be specific, it’s a work of loosely related short stories that’s 90% jokes and less than 10% serious. For those that know MateGho, (1) please think about that work, “seeing as I extracted the daily life and joke elements and expanded on them.”

As an author, I tried to make it feel like a “four panel novel” sort of genre. (2)

For now, allow me to give a short, detailed synopsis.

The setting is the student council room. Almost no other places appear. There, we get the story of four beautiful girls and one perverted boy (the protagonist) who, every time, talk about a given topic, digress from it, then digress from that, and then digress from that. It is a novel of idle chatter…… the hell’s with this genre?

Because this is a work of loosely connected stories, it doesn’t really matter where you start reading. But since once in a while there’ll be a line that seems to reference a previous part, I would greatly prefer it if you normally read it from the beginning. The book is in chronological order.

For you who want to read while jumping around, I won’t stop you, so do as you please. (3) My recommendation is to “read while fighting with the fate of the world at stake.” For maximum thrill. If the mankind is one step away from annihilation but you can save the world while reading a light novel in your spare time, you’re too cool.

Now then, as for why I went and created this novel…

For one thing, the main reason I wrote it is because I’ve always loved “day-to-day type” stories.

If you think about it, having no particular danger, being nonchalant and slowly passing time is a pretty appealing theme.

Of course, I also like the opposite, with intense development. With this work, I tried to specialize in daily life and gags.

So, I have one more reason for suddenly changing from MateGho to gag specialization.

Before this work, the new work I was planning followed in MateGho’s footsteps as a super serious and intense fantasy work (Modern Day x Alternate World) (4), but thanks to that, it ended up too intense and became a pretty dark work.

As a test, I got the idea, “Well, let’s try writing the opposite, a work that is light and makes you laugh from beginning to end.” After writing several chapters and sending them to the previous manager, I was surprised to find out that the thing I had tried out was good, and so I decided to continue in this direction.

When it came to this point, I also went with the flow and threw a bunch of random jokes into the novel. But in addition, since the editorial department got carried away and gave it the OK, as an author I got even more carried away…… and so it ended up as the beginning of an epic series of getting carried away that makes you say, “Is this for real?” It might be a bit late to ask this, but is it alright for this novel to be like this?

Because both the author and editors take this attitude, we would prefer that rather than the “seriously read word for word without missing a beat” approach, you read with a sort of “I’m free so I’ll read a chapter and have a laugh” sort of attitude.

In regards to the series elements, there were various developments here and there, but since the story is definitely “Talking about pointless things in the student council room,” please keep that in the back of your mind. As the people themselves have stated, the final chapter won’t be something like, “The Student Council Jumps into Space for the Super Final Battle!” …… Probably (because almost anything can happen here).

Well, now to talk about what happens after this. I had written this with the intention of making it into a series, so it will continue.

At the moment the second volume…… is “The Student Council’s Duplicity – Hekiyou Academy Student Council’s Minutes 2,” and is planned to take place in the Spring.

The contents will be the same as usual…… or should I say it will get even more carried away even faster. I guess you could say the engine’s been revved.

For the second volume, I also added in something that will make readers of my previous work grin, so please look forward to it. Of course, even if you haven’t read my previous work, that’s not a problem. If you’ve already read this volume, you probably understand that this is that kind of book (smirk). You won’t lose out on the story if you don’t know, so don’t worry about it.

…… Somehow, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve seriously written an afterword. I’m thinking that next time I’ll write a silly afterword again. After all, the explanation is over now. Or rather, when writing a novel with this sort of content, I feel like I need to pretend to be serious at least at some point.

Oh right, in this work there are many manga and novel references that appear. But those are simply works that I like, so if you could understand them, then I am glad.

…… But even so, those guys at the Fujimi Shobo editorial department. They don’t appreciate them. “That reference made sense……” How many times did I get praised like that while writing this work? They’re some interesting adults (laughs).

For that reason, this work especially is made up by the support of various people.

In this work that continually calls out “beautiful girl,” the illustrations of these exceptional “beautiful girls” were provided by Inugami Kira-san. I can’t express my thanks enough. When I first saw the illustration for Prez, I approved and said, “She would be elected president.”

And then, the manager and former manager, with whom it was a pleasure getting carried away and making this adventure of a work. Ever since my last work they let me be quite selfish.

By the way, there are improvements everywhere in this work from “the manager’s ideas.” In that sense, this book is by no means made up from just my ideas. Thank you all so much.

To everyone in the editorial department, for kindly letting this project go through, you have my sincere gratitude.

And now to you readers who have picked up this book. Because there are many different novels out there, for just choosing this one, you have my gratitude. (5) Thank you very much.

To those who have finished reading this volume, I don’t know what else to say to you. I wonder if this book was able to make you sniffle or smile, even for an instant. If even one thing was able to entertain you, then I am glad.

Now then, if possible, until the next volume,

Aoi Sekina

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(1) In case you couldn’t tell, that’s how he abbreviates “MATErial GHOst.”
(2) Referencing four-panel (4koma) manga, where each strip is 4 panels long for a quick joke. If you’re familiar with them, you could probably notice how this series almost does read like that.
(3) The term he used was “akurobatto na yomikata” which literally translate to “acrobatic way of reading.”
(4) He means to say that its setting was the crossing of our modern-day world with that of an alternate world.
(5) This includes you people who didn’t give this brilliant man your money.

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