The President’s Afterword

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[The President’s Afterword]

So, I guess Chizuru is forcing me to do this. Ooh…… She could’ve just left this to the Shiina sisters. I have no idea what I should write here…… you know what, I’ll just write about Sugisaki. I mean, the guy is such a coward. The book is written in the first person point of view, but he didn’t write about himself at all!

Moreover, considering Sugisaki wrote this, I thought he would just depict himself exactly like he is…… as just a guy who clowns around…… and it was exactly like I expected. When I read the manuscript, I saw he wrote himself in like he was seriously just some skirt-chaser. Geez……

Since we had no other choice, we thought we would take this chance to help him out a bit. That’s what we meant when we said we wanted to write this no matter what.

Ah, don’t get me wrong! It was for the sake of the student council’s popularity! It’s not like we were worried about Sugisaki personally or something. It’s not like that! Seriously!

Now then…

Um, you probably understood this from when we were talking about the past.

Sugisaki Ken is, well…… a good guy.

Ah, it really is embarrassing to write this. But I have to write it. Around the time of the First Discussion, I told Chizuru that it would be nice if we wrote a novel but…… N, no. Like I thought, as the president I have to be the representative and say this. Yeah.

Since we were told to just write about the way things were, we just wrote everything down that we were thinking, so umm… I want you to forgive us. Sorry if it was hard to read.

Well, um…

You see, the person known as Sugisaki Ken is, as he appears and as you imagine, the person who is described in this book.

He’s an idiot, he’s a pervert, he truly thinks harems are the best, his weakness is girls……

…… Just writing that down really is enough to annoy me. Why do I have to do something like back him up………… Well, it can’t be helped anyway.

Well, Sugisaki definitely is “that kind of guy,” you know?

Though really…… he’s not “just that,” I guess. Yeah.

This was referenced back in Chizuru’s part, but he truly is our support.

Take me personally for example.

This is just between us…… umm…… I really had no confidence at all that I was fit to be the president.

But you know, to keep going as the president…… although it pains me to admit it, it’s definitely thanks to Sugisaki that I was filled with self-confidence.

Because he is there, I can be there as the president.

Because he, as the vice president supports me, Sakurano Kurimu is the student council president.

Moreover…… I guess in the end, as a girl, I truly am happy.

We ended up winning that “popularity contest.” During that…… Sugisaki unconditionally accepted us just based on appearance…… and I’m thankful for that. Truly.

This didn’t just apply to me either. This is probably something that every girl on the student council worries about.

That was how this system worked… of course, there were lots of people supporting us…… but there were definitely a few people who didn’t like us.

“ Acting so proud even though you were only chosen based off of looks…”

Those heartless words…… we definitely heard them.

Because that much was obvious, we didn’t have the urge to object to that. So people wouldn’t tell us that anymore, we decided to work hard.

But…… painful things are painful after all.

Sometimes……. I felt like crying. I felt like giving up.

But you know, at those times, when I go to the student council room, Sugisaki is there and he’d say something like this:

“Today Prez is as cute as ever~ Ah, really, so moe! Damn it, I want you all to myself! I adore you! Seriously, seriously! I love you Prez!”

It really was a laughable, stupid thing to say…


I laughed. No matter how I felt. No matter how hard a day it had been.

That guy, really…

He’s the type of idiot whose head is only filled with lewd things, things for the sake of being popular, things to make people smile…

But that’s exactly why…

He only had happiness in his head.

It was the happiness of others, and also his own happiness.

I’ve only just recently noticed this, but somehow, it seems like he has his own set of rules he follows.

With people he seriously dislikes, he doesn’t act stupid around them in the slightest.

Despite him going on about harems and things, he never looks down on women (Rather, it’s more like he worships them).

You may think he’s chivalrous, but he surprisingly takes care of the guys too.
…… Wait, why did I end up supporting him with all of this……? Ah, great, now I ended up writing something weird! But Chizuru told me not to erase anything once I wrote it…… Ooh……


Back to the story. Sugisaki is…… in many ways, a person who makes other people smile.

Sometimes I wonder, “If that guy became president, wouldn’t it be interesting?”

By my own efforts, I now also have confidence in myself.

However, I’m sure the school he would create would, somehow or another, be pretty fun.

He just talks about getting a harem, but it seems like Sugisaki loves making lots of other people happy.

Really…… it wouldn’t surprise me if Sugisaki became an important person someday.

Not just in the student council.

Once before, I tried to peek into his classroom. The place was overflowing with happiness.

Sugisaki and Minatsu were together, and they were both making everyone smile.

But…… it was frustrating. Sure, at that time I was…… probably jealous. I guess……. I guess at that point, I had the feeling that Sugisaki had stopped being only our Sugisaki.

Ah, d, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that I, um, li, li, li, like Sugisaki, alright!

Hoo…… Do I really need to write all of it this honestly…… really?

Chizuru said that, “Aka-chan writing it like that would definitely make it more interesting.”

It bothered me that she seemed to be laughing at me on the inside. (3)
…… Whatever.

Anyways, we don’t want to think of him as just a simple fool……. although, he really is just a simple fool in reality.

I wonder why…… we make a lot of harsh complaints about Sugisaki, but when other people badmouth him, we surprisingly get annoyed.

…… Right, that was it. I ended up writing all of this junk because of that thing from before.

So then… I’ll explain.

This one time, I happened to run into Mafuyu-chan while we were both shopping in town. At that time, she was being hit on by guys from another school.

Mafuyu-chan still cowers in front of men who aren’t Sugisaki, so she was scared stiff and I had to confront them.

Then, one of them, as if trying to figure out a common topic to talk about said this:

“Hekiyou, isn’t that where Sugisaki is the vice-president? I went to the same middle school as the guy.

“Haha, did you know? That guy, he two-timed when he was in middle school, and then stopped coming to school when his step-sister got hospitalized. He got what he deserved, and on top of that, he skipped class? That pissed us off, so we used him as a pretty good punching bag for those three years.

“That’s not even the funny part. No matter how much we hit him, the guy wouldn’t complain at all! Seriously, he that was some good stress relief. I told others, and in the end, people from other schools also came to hit him.

“Even then, he didn’t resist at all! In fact, he was letting himself get hit! He was always muttering high and mighty things like “I hurt those two…… this much doesn’t even compare……”

“Ah, you should too! If you’ve built up stress, you should take it out on him! You’re in the same school right? How about next time, we’ll get you to –”

That’s all I heard from that guy about Sugisaki.

The next moment, Mafuyu-chan…… the Mafuyu-chan who was terribly afraid of men and was nervous around girls… the same Mafuyu-chan who used to firmly believe that coming in contact with men would taint her…

With all her might, she slapped the man standing in front of me in the face.


I saw that, and a second later…

From the opposite side I also reflexively smacked him.

Yeah, that’s right, I tightly, tightly clenched my hand and smacked him! I even added a spin to it!

Well of course, right after, Mafuyu-chan and I ran like hell as the guys stared blankly at us.

…… It’s not just Mafuyu-chan and I. I’m sure that if they were in the same situation, Minatsu and Chizuru would definitely do the same thing.

…… What was I trying to say again?


Th, this kinda makes it sound like we’re in love with Sugisaki, doesn’t it……?

A, ahem!

Th, that is not the case!

Ah, geez!

A, anyway.

As I was saying, Sugisaki is a good guy! Just understand that!

Don’t worry about us, if you’ve read this book and have come to like Sugisaki, then we’re glad.

Now, if you’re a student at Hekiyou Academy…

Please, in the next election, vote for Sugisaki as president.

I’m sure of it.

I’m sure that he would give you an entertaining school life!

That is…… the only thing we want to tell you.

By the way, this afterward has become something that Sugisaki isn’t allowed to read. So no one is allowed to show him, alright?! I mean, if Sugisaki saw this, it’s obvious that he’d quickly start to get ideas and say things like “Prez! Jump into my arms! No, let me hug you!”

…… Well, I guess I would like a hug……

A, ahem!

Now then…

Th, that is all! Great, now that it looks like I’ve dug my own grave, I won’t say anymore.

Umm, purezentido bai student council president, Sakurano Kurimu! (4)

Teh end! (5)



The last misspelling somehow ended up like something Aka-chan would do, so I sent it to the publisher as is.

Akaba Chizuru

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(1) She literally said “egao wo furimaite kureru ningen,” meaning “A person who scatters smiles.”
(2) Literally said “me ga waratteiru,” meaning “her eyes were laughing.”
(3) This one bugged me for a while because it was written in hiragana, but she’s speaking in English (really badly). She’s saying “presented by” if you haven’t figured it out.
(4) As Chizuru mentions, this is a spelling mistake made by Kurimu herself. The effect is pretty much lost in translation however. Normally she would have written “owari!” meaning “the end!” But she seems to have missed a key. She ended up typing “owati” (which would come up as “owachi” because Japanese lacks the exact sound for “ti”) which in Japanese sounds like a cute/childish way to say it, much like how Kurimu probably would.

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