Extra Part 2

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And so, just like that, I came to write this story. Aah… so tired.

There were a lot of meta remarks, and that’s basically because I’m the writer. But in reality, that’s the usual impression we give off. If the “full scale” of ourselves got through because of that, then that’s good.

Now then, this should be about the end of the first volume. Finally, we catch up chronologically…… I’m completely exhausted. Well, recalling student council activities isn’t really troubling or anything. Thanks to the “Activity Log” that Chizuru-san had put together at some point, it was pretty easy to accurately describe those times.

Well anyways, it was fun. Yeah…… I had fun, but I guess the real question is whether the readers had fun with it. Hell, I really don’t care. In any case, the only people who this would be sold to are the students here. And do you really think I would be able to stand giving a crap about you readers (students)?”

…… So now, at the end, I have one thing to say to you students.

My women are more than just their appearances! So be sure to look carefully!

…… Well, that’s it.

Ah. I forgot an important notice! That was close!

Ahem. I, Sugisaki Ken am in the middle of recruiting highly praised girlfriends! Students (restricted to beautiful girls) who have fallen in love with me due to this book are welcome to come to the student council room. You will receive a warm welcome. If that’s too embarrassing, a letter is also OK!

We look forward to having you…… no, really. Seriously, no need to hold back. Come on down with everything you’ve got, because we won’t refuse anyone. And if you have free time, by all means contact the student council room. Ah, in the case that you’re not a student from here, please write your school address and telephone number –

* Due to the page limit, this has been cut down. (Editiorial Staff)

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