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[Extra ~ The Writing Student Council~]

“Don’t write with your head! Draw with your heart!”

As usual, the president stuck out her small chest and proudly spoke as if she were reciting something she probably read in some book.

I groaned with an, “Ugh,” and held my forehead. I was tired. Even though I could handle all the work, studying, and eroge that come up in a year, this task alone was too much.

I glared at the blank laptop screen.

If you were to watch someone as they only faced a monitor and clacked away on a keyboard, you would think, “That looks tiring.”

Furthermore, it’s even more tiring when it’s “writing.” What I mean is…… rather than your brain or body, it’ll exhaust your mind. It would be fine if you were writing about something you liked or a hobby, like Mafuyu’s recent fascination with “Writing Boy’s Love using People She Knows.” As it is for me now, I would call having the president force me into spitting out a story an emotional insult.

For example, the real me idolizes eroge. But when I’m narrating this story, I would be the very serious youth, “Vice President: Sugisaki Ken.” I would be the seriously serious student Sugisaki Ken.

Why must I…… I, who shouldn’t have any literary talent, have a false personality that shares only my full name…… Moreover, I have to write in the first person as a character who has the opposite way of thinking I normally have.

However, I couldn’t afford to stop writing. That was because……

“Hey Sugisaki! Your hands stopped! Let’s see…… wait, isn’t this is still ‘First Discussion: The Debating Student Council?!’ What are you doing?! Everyone else is already thinking about what to put in the Final Discussion ‘The Very Kind Student Council!’”

“Ooh…… I know already…”

While on the verge of crying, my fingers tapped away. The Story of “Sugisaki Ken.”

<I had a thought. Illicit sexual relationships and the like are inexcusable. As my heart burned crimson with the flames of justice, I felt that I couldn’t overlook such deeds.>

I wrote up to that and let out another sigh…… It’s tiring. What is this? What is this bullying? What is this torture? This is too new. Writing torture. If I were a writer I probably wouldn’t mind, but I am an amateur, the protagonist was the complete opposite of me, and I had to write endlessly about his mental state…… Tomorrow, would I start talking like the character? (1) Would I cast aside all of my eroge?

As I shed bitter tears in my heart, everyone in the student council continued their discussion…… Everyone asides the president showed a disconcerted expression.

“As for the Last Discussion, ‘The Very Kind Student Council,’ let’s make it completely different from the serious stuff we’ve been writing about up until now. Let’s show people that in reality, the student council is actually broad-minded and relatable to the common people. That’s what will really let us capture the people’s hearts!”

The president outrageously proclaimed this.  The Shiina sisters and Chizuru-san looked at each other for a moment, and then, with dead eyes, gave their response.


This isn’t good. She’s already going to try to pass this onto me. Her eyes told me she wouldn’t let the rampage stop.

Everyone seemed to pretend to agree; moreover, the president stuck her chest out.

“Specifically I mean…… that’s right. Things like how the student council also plays games and reads manga are good! But if you can also add parts that show how we don’t take things too far, that’s even better!”


(Liar!  Who was the one who took the initiative in wanting to playing card games in the student council room not long ago?!)

As I retorted in my mind, I wrote the First Discussion.

<The president spoke to the delinquent student council members.

“Stop it. When you hit a person, you hurt…… your own heart.”

The delinquent student council members were strongly moved by the president’s words, and they swore absolute obedience to the student council. My, Sugisaki Ken’s heart was also deeply moved. I was glad to work under this president, and I, from the heart –”>

I felt somewhat sick at what I wrote, but I ignored it. I was a writing machine. I cut off my own way of thinking. I imagined a different person who only shared my name. If I didn’t think that…… do you think I’d be able to keep going?

Wait, who’s this “President” person? The specifications the president told me to write for her appearance was, “Depict her with a filled out body line, with slender, long and voluptuous beautiful legs. Her face should overflow with refinement and she should be the embodiment of a young woman,” but……

…… No, forget it. Her name may be Sakurano Kurimu, but even so, she only shares her name.

As I continued writing, the discussion about the Last Discussion…… that is, the president pushing forward her opinions, continued.

“It’d be good if the last sentence were ‘Today as well, the Hekiyou Private Academy student council splendidly did their activities.’”

“Yes, indeed it would be…”

(Ahhh…… I can’t feel any life from Chizuru-san or the Shiina Sisters. As the writer, I was also pretty pitiful, but those girls who continued to endlessly listen to a plot they couldn’t agree with really were……)

It was the same as the time with the card games, but the president’s rampage really was awful. It tears away “motivation,” “energy,” and “kindness” from other people.

In the first place, this time was different from “The Crimson Tragedy,” because it was completely the president’s fault. If the president weren’t to blame, who should be?

“Isn’t there a way to attack this newspaper club problem……?”

A few days ago, the president muttered something like that. Now that I think about it, it was a “great foreshadowing,” but I don’t worry about everyday foreshadowing in my daily life.

That’s why when the president said:

“We’re going to make a publication! That’s right! We should fight paper with paper!”

We were just surprised at first, but afterward, we thought, “Ah, damn it……” when we looked back to the foreshadowing and regretted not noticing it earlier. Chizuru-san especially seemed frustrated as she said, “We should’ve taken measures against this……”

The president’s words were as such:

“We have no chance of winning with a similar newspaper. That’s why we’ll compete with a club activity that we can completely win.”

Indeed, with Toudou Lilicia leading, the true ability of the newspaper club is bona fide. That’s why what the president said seemed plausible, but……

“Now then, we instead will battle it out with stories! We will make known to all the students of the entire school our, the student council’s excellence by illustrating the activities of our daily lives in a half-documentary.”

Everyone thought, “What the hell’s a half-documentary?” But since the president’s face was already determined, we gave up.

And so…… we have this situation.

I was used to handling computers, and I was chosen to be the writer solely because my typing speed was faster. Aside from that, everyone else was meeting about the plot.

By the way, it seems like this book was seriously intended to be published. Some time ago the president talked with some publishing company called Fujimi Shobo. Apparently they were a light novel publishing company. (2)


I looked at the story I wrote.

<The president is a wonderful woman. Under this lovely and unrivaled leader, this school would be the greatest school…… at this time, I, Sugisaki Ken, was convinced of this. It was the spring of my sixteenth year.>


What demographic was this intended for? What kind of person would find this interesting? I can’t imagine what the reader’s face would be like at all. This wasn’t even the slightest bit entertaining.

The title was “Ah, The Wonderful Student Council” or something like that. From here on, the students of this school were obligated to buy this with their textbooks…… It was cruel. In many ways, it was cruel.

While I exhaustedly continued writing, it seemed like the meeting had come to a stopping point. Maybe she wanted a change of pace or she wanted to share her pain, but Minatsu talked to me.

“Ken…… are you alright?”

“Well…… I’ve lived recklessly since last year, but today, it’s so painful that it looks like my heart may finally break.”

“For just this time, even I really sympathize with you. Let’s see, what’ve you written…………………… You really hung in there.”

Minatsu looked at me with respect. I was insanely glad, but I really didn’t have the energy to rejoice. Instead, I responded with a weak laugh. Minatsu looked at me with clouded eyes, as if I were a terminal cancer patient…… My face looked that bad huh?

“By the way Minatsu. About your portrayal –”

“Ah, I don’t care, as long as it’s fitting.”

“Well then, I’ll go with……”

“Just be sure to include the words, ‘beautiful,’ ‘stylish,’ ‘dependable,’ ‘elegant,’ ‘the strongest,’ ‘magnificent yet delicate,’ ‘worthy of the title of war maiden,’ ‘Rising Air,’ (3) and things like that……”

“That’s not leaving it to me at all! Also, what’s with the last two that sounded like titles?!”

“They sound like something from a light novel, don’t they? Don’t they? For recent light novels, if there aren’t any strange powers or fancy names, don’t they die out?”

“I don’t need that! This isn’t even that genre!”

“Eeeh? Then have special power users appear from chapter two. Come on, make it a fantasy~”

“You don’t know how to work on a story at all! I can’t even come up with how we would get there from the natural flow of the student council’s story! Damn it, the readers would say ‘Plot changed too much lolz.’” (4)

“Also, if you have the strongest being appear at the start, doesn’t it just get you fired up?”

“I don’t care! This isn’t a story of how he was before he became the strongest!”

“The last boss is ‘Echo of Death’ (5) who has the power to control death.”

“Isn’t that just Jakigan?! (6) But that does sound like he would be the strongest though! I wouldn’t want to fight him!”

“Ken’s power is ‘Chicken Chicken!’ (7) Its ability is –”

“Without your explanation, I can already tell it’s weak!”

“Readers are moved more intensely when a weak power beats a strong power you know.”

“I get the feeling that resourcefulness wouldn’t be able to make up for that gap!”

“The protagonist is the one who’s supposed to do something about that! I mean the writer!”

“That’s impossible! With my brain, I can’t think of any solutions aside from the protagonist suddenly leveling up!”

“That’s no good. That’s just a killjoy. It’s not awesome if you don’t end up winning under the starting conditions.”

“Then you think of something! You be the combat choreography supervisor!”

“No way, that’s a pain.”

“…… You…”

“By the way, Prez-san’s power is ‘All Cancel.’”(8)

“…… Ah, for some reason those two words are the only ones I don’t want to include in the novel.”

“I know, right?”

While speaking with Minatsu, I started writing the Second Discussion.

<It happened in an instant.

“… Eh?”

“You probably don’t even realize it. What my power is, I mean.”

“That’s…… im… possible…”

Before my very eyes, a mountain of corpses was created in an instant.

However…… My fear… was not… due to that sight.

I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t see it.

Before I could realize it, there was a mountain of corpses. No.

A mountain of corpses? Was it strange for many people to die? That’s not it.

There hadn’t even been any living beings around just a second ago.


Empty space.

The mountain of corpses appeared.

“How… did you… do that? Could it be……?”

“Do you think it is teleportation? Do you think I teleported the corpses? Wrong. That’s wrong. Sugisaki Ken. My power…… is not such a low level ability.”


“An illusion? No. Time manipulation? No. Transcending space? NO! My ability isn’t something so small!”

“You…… are…”

“Hmph…… Remember this, Sugisaki Ken. I am ‘Echo of Death.’ Your…… elder brother.”

“Wh, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!”>

“I can’t do this anymoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!”

I stopped typing, threw my hands into the air and yelled. Minatsu pouted with a “Boo.”

“Just work harder. Isn’t this actually pretty good? Something like this, yeah.”

“I’m tired! I’m just tired! Moreover, why is he the brother?!”

“You chose to do that yourself……”

“Yahh! This Second Discussion is rejected! This fantasy angle is rejected!”

“Eehh? So you’re also throwing out all the excitement…?”

“In the first place, I don’t see the point in making the student council the theme and then trying to make it intense!”

“If you say it like that, I don’t get why we have to write a story of the student council.”


That was true. But…… this and that were different issues. A setting with special power users is absolutely denied. I was seriously tired from all this writing.

Mafuyu must have seen Minatsu’s and my exchange, because this time she came over to join in our conversation.

“Senpai, senpai.”

“What is it Mafuyu-chan? Do you also have an idea?”

“Yes! Please include Mafuyu’s idea too!”

“Alright, alright. Of course I, Sugisaki Ken, would listen to all beautiful girls’ requests, so I will hear out your proposal with all my heart.”

“Thank you very much! Now then…”

Mafuyu-chan began her proposal for the Second Discussion. As I listened, I resumed writing.

<I did not understand the true meaning of the violent throbbing I felt in my chest.

“Nii……-san?” (9)

“Little brother.”

Thump. (10)

Huh? What is this? This tightening pain…… what is it?

Those flawless muscles. That refined yet dependable chest. And those graceful features.

At my brother’s entirety, my heart ached.

“Little brother…… I’ve missed you……”

“Echo of Death Nii-san……” (11)

“…… Little brother.”

Squeeze. (12)

Echo of Death Nii-san embraced me.

Instantly, my cheeks flushed red.

“Ah…… Nii……-san.”

“…… Little…… brother.”

The distance between us two shortened.

From within the mountain of corpses, we then shouted our love with our hearts.

Our two faces grew closer. Aah…… Nii-san.



And then…… as if filled with desire, our lips– > (13)

“What’s with this developmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent?!”

“You wrote quite a bit before retorting…… you’re good with drama senpai!”

“I don’t need that kind of praise!”

I shouted at Mafuyu-chan. Normally I would never take this attitude towards her, but in this case I was just about at my limit.

But I guess this was something that Mafuyu-chan wouldn’t let go this time, and she fearlessly opposed me.

“Isn’t that good?! You have talent, senpai!”

“It’s also unusual to have a talent that you’ve been afraid to develop up until now!”

“Just a little more! At least until the two of them get into bed!”

“Stop it! I’ve been trying to separate myself from him, but here, sharing the same exact name is incredibly painful! Someone save me from this!”

“Get used to it! It’s the same in eroge, senpai! If you overcome this resistance, you won’t think it’s embarrassing anymore!”

“I don’t even want to come near overcoming my resistance!”

“Being selfish is a no-no, senpai!” (14)

“Damn it, you’re always too cute!”

<The two of them got into bed. It was an exciting night.>

“Thank you senpai!”

“You are welcome!”

I wrote as I cried…… I’ve been defiled.  I…… have been defiled, Asuka, Ringo. By the hands of the student council, I have been defiled. I don’t mean my body. My heart, by Mafuyu-chan of all people, has been recoated. In jet black. No, in a way, in pink.

I was completely burnt out, and it seemed like Chizuru-san and the president’s meeting had ended.

The two of them came over to see how I was doing.

The peered over at the computer. And then…… the two third years became stiff.

“K, Key-kun…… this is……”

“Sugisaki…… you……”

“Don’t look! Don’t look at it! Don’t…… I’ve been defiled! Don’t look at me with those eyes!”

I hugged the laptop to myself while crying. Chizuru-san consoled me with a, “There there.” There was warmth in those words, like that time in the infirmary.

“Ooh…… Chizuru-san, Chizuru-san!”

“Yes, it was scary…… it’s alright…… you’re fine now, Key-kun.”

“Chizuru-san~…… I…… I……”

“It’s alright, Key-kun…… after all, back when we first met, you were already sullied beyond all hope.”


I was stabbed by her final blow. The secretary was not on my side after all.

To the broken-hearted me, the president whispered something in my ear.

I continued writing as she spoke to me.

<Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president. Hooray for the president.

The president was our pride. The president was our life.

Without the president, there is no world.

A world without the president is worthless.

Through my brother’s embrace…

I felt that.>

“Fufufu…… looking good, Sugisaki.”

“Hehe…… You’re already our puppet……. Hehehe.”

“Key-Kun. Don’t lose sight of yourself!”


“Remember, Key-kun… Your true self……”


Life began returning to my eyes. Chizuru-san gently smiled at me.

“Now remember, Key-kun…… Remember the time that you were my servant!”


It seems like a new, strange past was imprinted into my memories.

<After my honeymoon with nii-san, I proceeded to the student council room. Waiting for me there…… comfortably lounging in a large red sofa, was Chizuru-san. Her legs crossed, she gazed at me with enchanting eyes.

“Key-kun. If you were to abandon your student council duties… if you were to do that, would you be prepared for the consequences?”

“F, forgive me, Chizuru-san.”

“’Chizuru-san?’ Call me ‘Your Highness!’”

“Yes, Your Highness!” (15)

“Good boy, Key-kun.


I was embarrassed. For me, getting praised by Her Highness was the greatest pleasure.

Chizuru-san smiled and laughed with a “fufufu.”

“Now listen up, Key-kun. As you always do…… Lick my shoes!”

“Yes…… Your Highness!”

I simply could not help but love being kicked by her!

I served at Her Highness’s feet, taking her shoes and leisurely ->

“Gaga, gagagagaga – ”(16)

“Oh my. It seems Key-kun broke before the computer did.”

“Gaga, gagagaga, gagagagaga – ”

“Hm…… It can’t be helped. Key-kun. I’m going to count down from three, and you’re going to return to your usual self. Here we go…… 3, 2, 1, now!”

“GaGaGaBun – ha!? Just what was I……?” (17)

I felt like time suddenly jumped forward.

What was I doing…… all this time……?

Chizuru-san gently smiled at me.

“No need to worry, Key-kun. I will always…… be on your side.”

“Chizuru-san……You really are a saint!”

“Fufufu, I am no such thing…”

Chizuru-san was being modest. Next to me, Minatsu and Mafuyu-chan muttered things like, “That…… that’s the true power of the secretary?” and, “In a way, you’re already like an evil mastermind…… Chizuru-senpai…” I paid no mind.

In all the chatter, I wondered how the Second Discussion was mysteriously completed without me noticing. The content…… I didn’t dare to read. For some reason, my survival instinct was warning me not to look. I didn’t understand why, but I obediently did as I was warned.

I continued writing, beginning the Third Discussion. As I did that, the other members immediately squealed their ideas to me, but I was already furious so I shouted loudly in response.



“So far I’ve painfully listened to all of your ideas! Just let me do what I want for the Third Discussion!”

“Su, Sugisaki! Are you ignoring a presidential order – ?!”

“This is a compromise, Prez. Let me have the Third Discussion…… you can do what you want for the rest. Otherwise, I’ll be selfish and drop writing this. Those are your two options.”

“Kuh…… I get it, Sugisaki. Do as you like for just the Third Discussion.”

With a frustrated face, the president withdrew. Likewise, the other members had sour looks on their faces. (18) Most likely, they had an idea of what would happen if they left me to do as I pleased.

I took pleasure in their expressions, and as I began writing, a twisted smile came to my face.

<Currently in the student council room, four beautiful girls were gathered.

Sakurano Kurimu, Akaba Chizuru, Shiina Minatsu, Shiina Mafuyu.

All together, they turned their passionate gaze toward me…… Sugisaki Ken.

She must not have been able to take it anymore, because the most passionate one of them, Minatsu, raised her voice.”

“Aaah, Ken! I…… I can’t take it anymore! I…… I…!

“Now wait, Minatsu. I love everyone. I can’t do that…… to only one specific person.”

At my nihilistic smile, Minatsu shivered with a moan.

“No way…… I, I already can’t stop my love for you!”

“Now now, don’t look at me with such passionate eyes, Minatsu. If you do that……”

“That’s not fair onee-chan! E, even though Mafuyu has also always loved Sugisaki-senpai!”

Suddenly, Mafuyu-chan who always fidgeted to herself, declared loudly with a red face. For an instant, Minatsu’s eyes trembled, but the next moment she voiced her objection to her sister.

“Sorry, Mafuyu. But…… that is the one thing I won’t forgive!”

“Ma, Mafuyu also won’t lose this to onee-chan!”



The Shiina sisters fought over me. It was a warzone.

I watched over them with a composed smile and nonchalantly checked to see what was poking my knee from under my desk.

Reflexively, I looked forward. Chizuru-san impishly winked at me.

At the same time, we made eye contact.

(Key-kun…… I also…… I also feel the same way about you…… So…… would you please……)

(Whoa there, you can’t do that, Chizuru-san.)

(Wh, why…?)

(That’s called being unfair, Chizuru-san. You aren’t the only one…… who has fallen in love with me.)

(But Key-kun! I…… I……!)

(Whoa, I said no! You’re making me angry Chizuru-san! She’ll…… find out about our eye contact.)


In confusion, Chizuru-san looked side to side. There…… was the president, frowning.

It seemed like she was jealous of Chizuru-san and I…… Such a cute girl.

“Chizuru and Sugisaki…… What are you doing, staring at each other?”

“Wha, n, no way. Aka-chan, you’re over thinking… it…”

Chizuru-san stumbled over out-of-character lines. With a bored expression she glanced at Chizuru-san, and then looked over at me.

Looking at me, she awkwardly spoke.

“Th, this is a presidential order, Sugisaki.”

“What is it, Prez?”

“Go…… go out with me!”


The president flushed red with her confession and I looked into her eyes.

With that…… this time Chizuru-san and the Shiina sisters voice their complaints –>



Just as I was getting into the swing of things, the president who had gotten a hold of the mouse without me realizing deleted everything I had written up to that point. While the president voiced her complaints, Chizuru-san typed away, making it impossible to recover my writing.

For some reason, the Shiina sisters held a hand to their chests and breathed a sigh of relief. I was enraged!

“Wha, what have you done?! You monster!”

“No matter how you look at it, that’s my line!”

The president snapped at me. But for the sake of my personal masterpiece, I fought back this time.

“Even though up until now, you’ve all been strictly doing just what you want!”

“We’re different from your depiction by a whole dimension!” (19)

“That’s not true! Isn’t that depiction based mostly on reality?!”

“It’s a storm of fiction! I didn’t see even a single element of reality in there!”

“Echo of Death and boy’s love aren’t from reality either!”

“No! In the worst case scenario, this is even more terrible!”

To think she would insult my work so much…

I felt depressed, and for some reason Minatsu also looked down, saying, “C’mon, don’t use the Echo of Death stuff as an example……” Mafuyu-chan also sulked, saying, “Ooh…… Mafuyu believes that somewhere in this world, there is definitely real boy’s love…”

Chizuru-san, the only one who was calm among the exhausted rest of us, let out a sigh and spoke.

“In any case…… Since I also fooled around, I probably don’t have the right to say this, but…… At the very least…… as we are now, we’ll never be able to surpass that newspaper club.”


Those words were enough to throw us into deeper depression. After all, everyone…… already knew that perfectly well.

I took over where Chizuru-san left off.

“That newspaper club…… may be rotten, but it’s our school’s proud newspaper club…… right? Its…… its club activities, wouldn’t lose to mere clumps of delusions like this.”

At my words, the president said:

“Hmph! Of course!  Our school’s newspaper club is amazing after all!”

And for some reason she sided with the newspaper club…… No, everyone expected that reaction from the start.

The president…… the president who was loved more than any other in this school, simultaneously valued the student’s activities more than anyone. And the newspaper club was one of those activities.

But, that is exactly why she would put her full effort in.

Because she didn’t want the newspaper club to write strange stories and trip people up.

That is exactly why, for the sake of a single club, she would have the entire student council put forth their effort into an activity.

Minatsu laughed.

“For amateurs to want to beat that newspaper club by just writing about their hobbies …… aren’t we taking this a little too lightly?”

Following that, Mafuyu-chan muttered.

“The newspaper club…… is amazing. Reporting interesting truths…… not fantasies, but certain truths that people enjoy…… They’re different from full publications, but that’s why they’re amazing. Was it…… called an editorial……? For us to not acknowledge that…… isn’t that a bit…… blasphemous?”

At Mafuyu-chan’s words, we all kept silent.

It’s not like…… anyone would think their own fantasies were boring. In a sense, these fantasies were plenty fun, and I’m sure they would be able to please someone.


It was also true that this kind of writing would probably never beat the writing of a person who seriously invested himself or herself in the craft.

In short…

“I guess my proposal…… kind of missed the point, huh……?”

It was obvious that we would end up at that conclusion.

The president lost her energy and looked down.

But…… I spoke.

“No…… Prez, your suggestion… wasn’t… wrong.”


I felt that this person hadn’t made a mistake.

After all, this person was the person who considered the newspaper club…… who thought about this school and stood up for this plan.

Her mentioning this a few days ago is proof of this.

At the very least, the president carefully considered her options over the span of a few days.

That’s why, even if everyone was taken aback by the president’s rampage, no one would interfere …… no one would deny the plan. Even if everyone weren’t in high spirits, they would accept what the president said.

That’s how it was.

But we lost sight of our goal and went in a weird direction.

The feelings we held from the start were definitely not wrong.

At least, no matter who rejects her, I, as that person’s constant subordinate…… her ally……  her support…… I would want to be with her as the one she considers her “vice president.”

That is why.

For this child president, I will smile.

“I accept that the newspaper club is better, but on the other hand, it’s true that they sometimes take things too far. It’s fine if it’s just at the level where the student council is paying attention, but at some point…… for example if they made enemies of the teachers or the PTA, it would be a serious issue.”


“For that reason, as Prez says, we have to break their nose at least once. Someone has to point out their super-extended nose.” (20)

“Though I say that, if we talk down to them, that newspaper club probably won’t listen.”

“In that case, they would notice us best on an equal playing field…… in the medium of writing. It’s as Prez proposed. With our writing…… let’s remember our original goal and beat them.”

At my words, Chizuru-san and the Shiina sisters smiled, and I looked at the president.

Just a little bit, the president…… for just a moment her eyes watered, but the next instant she was back to her usual energetic self, and then gave me an order.

“Alright! Now, Sugisaki! This is a presidential order!”

“What is it, Prez?”

“Depict the student council as you see fit!”


Her words surprised me, and I looked back at her. For some reason, all the other members also gave me approving looks.

“Wai, I, I’ll end up writing something like the last one, and –”

“Nope.  It’s alright. Sugisaki, if it’s you, its fine.”


“You know, I just thought…… to write about this student council…… to write about this splendid student council as it is, would be just fine.”


So… probably…… the only one who could depict the student council as we are, is you, Sugisaki. So…… yeah. Sugisaki. I leave the writing… to you.”


I muttered that. As I looked around at everyone, I asked.

“Is it alright for me to?”

At my question, Minatsu, Mafuyu-chan and Chizuru-san answered.

“Of course, Ken.”

“Mafuyu also thinks that Sugisaki-senpai’s writing is good.”

“Rather, no one aside from Key-kun could depict this student council. That, I declare. That, I guarantee.”


I felt their looks of trust throughout my body.

And then…

I looked straight into the president’s eyes and gave her my answer.

“Roger that, Prez. I’ll depict this student council with all I’ve got.”

At my words, the president looked glad.

“Good, please do…… Ah, I just have one request!”

“…? What is it?”

“When you’re all set and done writing, let us do a little revision.”

“…? Umm…… that’s fine, but why?”

“Ehehe, that’s a secret.”

As the president muttered that, for some reason everyone else, as if they knew what the president was talking about, laughed with a big grin…… What? Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

As I was confused, Chizuru-san and the Shiina sisters backed up the president.

“That’s right. Then, how about after the first and last chapter, we add in own scenes? After all, there are also times we talk without Key-kun around.”

“Oh, that sounds good!  Leave the start and end to us!”

“Ma, Mafuyu will also work hard! There’s…… there’s something that Mafuyu really wants to add in!”

At everyone’s excitement, I gulped. Kuh…… It can’t be helped.

“I understand…… yeah, I understand I’ll leave all of the first chapter and the end of the book to you.”

With a sigh, I said that, and the president nodded with an, “Alright then!”

Good grief.

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(1) What Ken said here was significantly different in Japanese. The character in his story refers to himself with the personal pronoun “boku” which is a masculine version of “I.” However, Ken uses the considerably more masculine version “ore.” In this line, Ken worries if he’ll change and end up referring to himself with “boku.”
(2) Apparently there is also no fourth wall here.
(3) Minatsu says the words “Rising Air,” but the kanji she attached to it means “glittering wind god.”
(4) The forum slang used here was “warota,” which is the “past tense” of “warosu” which is the equivalent to “lol.” Apparently chatspeak can still follow basic conjugation rules.
(5) See TL note 1 in the Color Illustrations section.
(6) So, “jakigan” generally refers to a third “evil eye” that a character possesses, which is, well, evil and powerful. In this case, it’s a sort of subgenre where characters have similar abilities, like the power over death.
(7) Minatsu says, “Chicken Chicken,” but the kanji she uses means “escape group chicken.” Doesn’t that just sound all powerful?
(8) Once again, Minatsu says, “All Cancel,” but the kanji used means “arguing is pointless.” She already has that power though…
(9) Sugisaki (story ver.) here is referring to his “brother” as “Nii-san,” a somewhat familiar way to refer to one’s older brother.
(10) The actual sound used was “kyun” which more or less is the “sound” of the tightening of one’s chest. You know what I mean. We just don’t have a sound for it.
(11) Ok, so, outside of the BL context, I would love to have a brother named Echo of Death. It wouldn’t matter if he happened to be a failure at life or something, he’d still have the name Echo of Death.
(12) These single word onomatopoeia… anyway, “gashi” is a sound implying a firm grasp.
(13) Not so much a translation note, but a text note. As the sentence continued on, kanji stopped appearing, showing how Sugisaki never even finished typing. Usually, you would hit a key (in my case, the spacebar) to convert typed character combinations to their respective kanji when you are done typing the sentence.
(14) The phrase Mafuyu uses is usually used by parents to scold children and pets. The youngest member of the student council is treating Sugisaki like a bad child.
(15) When Chizuru said it, it had the kanji “hidenka” attached to it, meaning “Her Royal Highness.” Also, if you’ve seen Code Geass, then you’ve heard this phrase plenty of times.
(16) Presumably the sound of gears grinding. Or some other sound of machinery breaking and not working.
(17) GaGaGaBun is another light novel publishing company. Some of their more recently known series are Sasami-san@Ganbaranai, Oregairu, and GJ-bu, just to name a few. Do some of those sound familiar? Even in a state of mental disarray, Sugisaki manages to make a reference.
(18) The actual phrase used by Sugisaki said, “They made faces as if they had bitten into a bitter bug.”
(19) 2D vs. 3D, Fiction vs. Reality. That’s what she means.
(20) If you’re overly self absorbed, proud, things like that, you get a long nose. That’s apparently how it works in Japan. You could say it’s a representation of an overinflated ego. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

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