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<b><i>VOLUME 1</i></b>

<b>[Nonexistent Epilogue] </b>

<Staff Activity Report – Part Ninety-seven>

– Project to Incite Suspicion via the Circulation of Ghost Stories: Failed

– Investigation of Lunchtime Trends: Failed due to a disturbance caused by a strange in-school broadcast

– Using a Student Council Scandal as a Restraint Maneuver: No Observed Effect

– Interference in School Affairs with Methods Proportionate to Sugisaki Ken’s Ideas: Failed.

– Staff Strategy Meeting: The end result was increased agitation. (Our surveillance of the student council room backfired.)

– Current State of the Student Council: Apparent increase in their strength of unity. They have become unpredictable.

General Impression in Relation to this Year’s Student Council

In a word, they’re extremely bad.

We will watch over them in the mean time, but this year’s student council definitely seems to be troublesome.

The silver lining seems to be that the people in question lack self-awareness. But you could say that their lack of self-awareness makes them even more terrible.

-In any case, we must treat this seriously, and we urgently must consider a method to deal with this.

-If you look at just the outcome, our results this year are miserable.

Even without <The Staff>’s censoring of ideas, we have begun to detect distortions.”

As previously thought, that student council is dangerous.

For the future of <The Company>, they must be eliminated.

That said, if we act directly too much, it goes against <The Rules>.

How frustrating. This frustration leads to <the Staff’s> dissonance, which allows the student council to operate without restriction, which in turn leads to more irritation for <the Staff>.

A perfect, vicious cycle.

There’s already no way to delay it.

…… Soon, we will have to crush that student council.

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