Chapter 7-4

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[Last Discussion: Part 4]

“Now that I think about it, how did your meetings with Chizuru, Minatsu, and Mafuyu-chan go in the end?”

We were having such a good time while talking about my past, but it was time to end the meeting, so I had to put aside talking about the others’ stories for another time. The president asked the question as she put her bag on the desk and prepared to get going.

As she pushed out of her chair, Chizuru-san responded, “Indeed, we didn’t talk about it, did we?”

“Aka-chan, are you curious?”

“N, not really. I was mostly just interested in hearing about my own meeting with Sugisaki. It’s not something I want to listen to that I end up going home really la-”

“My meeting with Key-kun…… it was a year ago, when the cold winter winds were just starting to blow……”

“She began telling it! Why with this timing?! I don’t mind if you don’t tell it!”

“Eh? Are you sure? It’s a love scene from here on out you know……”

“A love scene?! There’s a love scene in the story of Chizuru and Sugisaki’s meeting?!”

“It’s 81+ restricted.” (1)

“How extreme is it?!”

“It’s the kind of story where a normal person would die if they don’t hang on for two minutes.”

“Then fine! I don’t need to hear it! Even though I’m really curious!”

“That’s disappointing.”

With a completely not-disappointed expression, Chizuru-san looked towards the Shiina sisters. It seemed like she implied “What about your stories?” by this.

The two sisters looked at each other, and then looked once at me. Minatsu gave her conclusion first. She turned towards the president.

“it’s not an episode I would want to waste so much time on that we get home late……”

“Is that so?”

“If I had to say, it’s just a story of how I made Ken from a ‘guy’ to a ‘man.’” (2)

“Even though that sounds really deep……”

“Yes…… for example, it’s the story of a slight change, like how the power gain jumps from the original to Z to GT.” (3)

“Isn’t that a huge change?! (4) What happened to Sugisaki?!”

“Well, like I thought, it I don’t want to waste time so that we get home late.”

“It doesn’t seem that way to me!”

The president screamed in vain, and Minatsu continued preparing her bag to go home. It seemed like she was unwilling to talk.

Seeing how Minatsu acted, the president gave up, and this time turned toward Mafuyu-chan. “Umm…” Mafuyu-chan groaned.

“My meeting with Sugisaki-senpai……Like with my sister, I guess it isn’t an amazing story?” (5)

“No, if it’s like your sister’s story then I’m sure it’ll be plenty amazing……”

“All I did was rescue Sugisaki-senpai who collapsed in a park in the winter……”

“That’s the most extraordinary situation so far! I want to know about that!”

“That was troublesome back then…… I mean, that’s because it was my first experience with a man.”

“Experience with a-”

The president’s face flushed red. Mafuyu-chan gently added onto that.

“Yes. Since Mafuyu grew up going to all-girl schools, it was Mafuyu’s first time lending Mafuyu’s shoulder to a man……”

“Stop saying things in ways that can be misunderstood! I mean, don’t call something like that an experience with a man!”

“Then, Mafuyu almost got infected.”

“Why?! Was it bio-terrorism?!”

“At that time, Mafuyu was the kind of girl who believed that if a girl touched a boy they would get infected.”

“What kind of girl is that?!”

That was the truth, so it’s troubling…… it was very troublesome. Well, it was all due to the stupid sister who acted like she wasn’t related to the event…… Minatsu.

“Well, it wasn’t a very important story. Let’s hurry home already, Prez-san♪”

“Eehh?! It totally was important! I mean, Chizuru, Minatsu, Mafuyu-chan, I want to know about all of your episodes!”

“That’s all for today!”

“Ah, Chizuru! Don’t just end the meeting when you feel like it!”

With a backward glance at the fussing president, we each left the student council room. By the way, it looked like I could handle today’s work at home, so I left with everyone too.

“Ah, waiiiit~! D, don’t leave me behind!”

It seemed like she was a bit scared to be left alone in the clubroom late at night. The president followed after us with tears in her eyes. As everyone saw the president, we all happily laughed.

…… Yes. “Meetings” are very important, but maybe “how we meet” isn’t really an important thing at all. I can say for sure. If it’s these members…… even if we had met differently, I would definitely come to love them like I do now.

“Hey, Chizuru! You can shorten it, so tell me how you met!”

“Now then, what should I do…?”

While wearing a malicious smile, Chizuru-san locked the student council room door.

The president gave up on asking Chizuru-san, and this time pouted at me.



I unexpectedly was affected by the president’s moe.

“There’s no helping it, how about I tell you……”

“R, really? Thanks Sugisaki!”

“Don’t mention it.”

After I was satisfied with seeing the president’s innocent, delighted face, I gazed out of the window at the twilight. I looked at the backs of Chizuru-san and the Shiina sisters who had already walked ahead, and I was suddenly hit by a strong sense of nostalgia. At my suggestive expression, the president’s expectations just seemed to grow.

This single day known as today had already ended.

As I faced and walked through the corridor toward the exit, looking off into the distance with a sad expression. I began speaking.

“Yeah…… this was fifteen years ago. On the night of a fierce storm, a man in a hood appeared. He had a single magnificent sword and a crying infant, while bearing a severe wound.”

“Eeh?! This is going to be an epic story, isn’t it?! I’m so excited!”

……As usual, this became a story to trick the president.

For this last time, I had to make it into something that I could see Fujimi Fantasia doing, right? Yep.

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(1) Chizuru actually did say its 81+ restricted, rather than the usual 18+ restricted. Makes you wonder what went on…
(2) Minatsu uses 2 different kanji with the same reading. The first one she uses is “otoko” which means man. The second one is also pronounced “otoko,” but the kanji means “honorable man” or “man among men.”
(3) So at this point, it’s pretty clear Minatsu is making a Dragonball reference. Before that though, Kurimu mentions how it’s “really deep” using the phrase “sungoku” for the “really.” This sounds similar to “Son Goku” who is… well I probably don’t need to explain it. Also, power levels from the original to Z to GT… can that be defined as a “small change?”
(4) I guess it can’t.
(5) Oddly, from here Mafuyu starts referring to herself in the first person, up until she starts using the third person again a few lines later.
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