Chapter 6-3

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And so, the Crimson Tragedy came to a rather hazy conclusion after a certain young man took it upon himself to become humanity’s common enemy.

And after that, this “common enemy” was remembered for three hundred years as a terrible, terrible man. However, after his book “Seitokai no Ichizon” was discovered, the interpretation of that incident began to swing in completely different directions.

A scholar soon popped up with a different theory. “Perhaps he really was not an enemy, but was actually the world’s savior.” “He sacrificed himself in order to stop the war, did he not?”

But that interpretation was judged as heresy by most, and that scholar also soon died from a mysterious disease, so his theory was never fully accepted by the world and soon vanished into obscurity.

And even to this day, the truth of the matter remains shrouded in darkness.


Although, to be honest, it’s not like many people actually cared.

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