Chapter 6-2

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[6th Discussion: Part 2]

On that day, everyone except for the president came to a mutual understanding on how terrible war was. And now it was the day after.

We all were waiting for the president, who was running a bit late, and the atmosphere was heavy.

Chizuru-san broke the silence.

“Well then… we managed to stall that war from yesterday by mentioning how late it had gotten… but you probably saw that look in Aka-chan’s eyes. She looked like she still had the motivation to continue this battle. In other words… today the war will continue. The war still has not come to a close.”

The Shiina sisters dropped their shoulders at Chizuru-san’s words. An unusually deep sense of darkness filled the student council room.

How did it all come to this? How did it all…

“Mafuyu… this is all because you brought cards.”

Minatsu said something she shouldn’t have said. Mafuyu-chan teared up, but she made a counterattack at me instead of her sister.

“I, If you put it like that, then S, Sugisaki-senpai was the one who suggested that we play until the president won, so…”

“Hey, Mafuyu-chan, that’s not fair at all! Also, the only reason the battle lasted so long was because Chizuru-san gambled by suggesting we play poker…”

“O, Oh? I was the one in the wrong? But I think what I did was better than the people who just stood by and did nothing… like Minatsu, who never really tried to help!”

“Wha-… yeah, sure, I didn’t do much, but I didn’t make things worse either! In the end, the ones who got it to this point were definitely just you three!”

“T, That’s mean, oneechan! Well, let me just say something in response…”

… And so, the student council room had now sunk into chaos. This was an incredibly uncomfortable harem to be a part of. War really seemed to throw people’s hearts out of order.

We were supposed to be here talking about how to deal with what was going to happen today, but right now we were in no condition to be discussing tactics.

What the hell… given how things are, maybe we should just change the title of this chapter.

And so, here is the new title I made up:

[(The True) 6th Discussion ~ The Collapse of the Student Council]

This was bad. This might be the last chapter. Or maybe the second-to-last.

Also, my plans were to get everyone to gradually come together and eventually become members of my harem. But what the hell was this? Didn’t it seem like we were even worse off than we were in the first chapter?

This was a light novel, so this was the perfect place for the protagonist to act.

“Listen, my women!”

“Key-kun (Senpai, Ken), shut up! Don’t talk until H**ter x Hunter finishes!” (1)

“When is that?!”

And for that reason, I withdrew from the battle in low spirits.

And the conclusion…

Sorry, readers, but I guess this really does seem like a bad end.

To those who were really hoping for more fanservice… for those who wanted to see more risqué scenes… and for those who at least wanted to see a kiss scene… I’m very sorry. I really should have looked at a walkthrough before playing this game.

I’ll capitalize on my experience here and make sure that the next time I play this game, I won’t enter into the “Playing Student Council” route when we get to the sixth chapter. Once I see Mafuyu-chan taking out a deck of cards, I’ll pick the option to yell, “Stop!” Yes, that’s what I’ll do. That’s exactly what I’ll do.


This is a light novel, so I was hoping that there would be some convenient time-reversal mechanism that would kick in about now, but my hopes were completely betrayed. The argument just escalated. It escalated to a level where I didn’t even want to describe it anymore.

Alrighty then, what should I do? I had seen that this was a bad end, so what should I do?

Ah, right.

Should I die? It’s a dead end. So I should turn the power switch off for a bit.

And for that reason…

“Everyone, goodbye. I’m going to the next world.”


“I’m dead.”

I thrust a box cutter at my neck. And then…


Even though Chizuru-san and the Shiina sisters had been arguing up until now, they panicked and leapt at me.

The three of them then lost their balance and tumbled down.

And in the end…


Rejoice, readers.

Here’s that fanservice scene! This scene might even make it into the color illustrations! Give it a full look!

Chizuru-san, Minatsu, and Mafuyu-chan had fallen on top of me.

I had been pushed to the floor by three girls.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t fallen a position where I could accidentally grab one of their breasts… but it was still a happy situation.

Soft. Soft bodies squished me from three directions……

This was…

This was… the harem route, right?!

I was enlightened. To think that life could be as wonderful as this…

How sweet! How… how joyous this occasion was!

I understood now.

I would not give up! If it meant obtaining such wonderful, wonderful happiness, I would do anything!

And yes! What was war?! I would blow things like war away with a single breath!

Even if I had to use that technique I used in games and anime… even if I had to use my last resort!

“…… O, Oww…”

Chizuru-san moaned, and the three girls began to try to stand up. But I… I jerked them right back down! In an instant, the girls once again lost their balances and toppled right on top of me!

“Hey, Ken, what the hell are you doing?!”

“S, Senpai, that hurts!”

I ignored the Shiina sisters’ complaints, and continued to hold them tight.

I checked the time! Yup, it was almost here! In just a bit…

In the next moment, I heard the sound of the student council room door opening. And then…

“Well then, let’s get ready to have lots of fun again with card games today~~… ah.”

It was the president’s voice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see her from this position, but… she probably had seen us and was trying her best to think of what to do.

“U, Umm…”

It seemed that she couldn’t figure out how to respond.

She hesitated for a moment. And then… she seemed to have come to a conclusion.

“Su. Gi. Sa. Kiiiii~~~!!!”

It seemed that she had decided to get angry.

It was exactly what I was expecting.

At the same time, the three girls had also slipped out of my hold and started to raise a fuss.

“W, What do you think you’re doing, Key-kun?! To think you have so little control over your sex drive… ugh. This Akaba Chizuru really misread you!”

“Dammit, go and die! So you finally reveal what kind of person you really are!”

Sob…….. Sugisaki-senpai… I really misjudged you…”

Everyone was staring at me with hatred.

And then…

The president reached a decision.

“Sit right there, Sugisaki! You’re going to get a long lecture today!”

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(1) Hunter x Hunter. As of this translation, it’s still continuing.

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