Chapter 3-3

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[3rd Discussion: Part 3]

“Today’s broadcast was really popular wasn’t it?!”

It was after school, after the aforementioned program had been broadcasted. With a large, satisfied look, the president reclined in her chair in the student council room. Chizuru-san also had a smile of enjoyment.

However…… the Shiina sisters and I were completely worn out.

So that the president wouldn’t hear, Minatsu and I spoke with hushed voices.

“(Hey Minatsu…… Did…… it seem popular to you?)”

“(No…… at least, my class was taken aback by it.)”

“(Ahh…… for me, everyone suddenly stopped moving their chopsticks, lost their appetites, and went without lunch in the end.)”

“(What makes Prez-san think it was really popular?)”

“(Maybe…… in Prez and Chizuru-san’s class, everyone was considerate of them and gave forced smiles?)”

“(Ahh, I see……)”

While Minatsu was convinced, the president glanced over at us. We jumped and stiffened.

“How was it in your classes? Everyone must’ve been crazy about it!”


When you look at me with such pure eyes like that…… it’s difficult to say the truth. Even Minatsu couldn’t look her in the eyes.

I forced a smile.

“Y, yeah…… It was really popular.”

“Of course it was!”

This is bad. If she gets worked up over this, it’ll be a problem.

“Yeah…… that’s right. It was just as popular as ‘accounting’ in the primary school rankings for most desired profession.”

“That’s popular?!”

The president tilted her head questioningly…… alright, I think we got away with that one. Minatsu congratulated me with a “good job!”

However, the president’s sights were soon set on Mafuyu-chan.

“And I’m sure it was popular in your class, right Mafuyu-chan?”


Mafuyu froze solid…… Ahh, her class…… was probably the same as mine.

After a very, very distorted smile, Mafuyu-chan answered while trembling.

“Y, yes. I, it was…… like upside down Buzzy Beetles from Super **rio Brothers. It was very popular!” (1)

“Can you seriously call those popular?!”

Mafuyu also dodged with something clever(?)……We didn’t lie. We didn’t.

The president, however, was completely unaware, saying “I see, I see,” and looked quite satisfied…… This is really bad. At this rate, she might –”

“Well then, we should go for a second show!”


Everyone aside from the president…… this time, even including Chizuru-san, sighed. Chizuru-san had gotten on board with the first one, but doing it twice, three times, or making it a series seemed to be a different story.

Everyone made eye contact and started a meeting on the matter.

(What should we do……? Prez is still motivated for it.)

(Even though it’s Aka-chan, she’s pretty obsessed about this…… I had expected her to be satisfied with just doing it once. Our careless classmates were considerate of her, but it seems to have had the opposite effect. )

(What are we gonna do…… I can’t handle doing more of that.)

(Mafuyu is also already at her limit……)

We all thought with a “hmmm.” The president alone was in a good mood, working on the next plans.

Since it couldn’t be helped…… I tried to suggest a compromise.


“Hm? What is it, Sugisaki~~?”

“Well…… You see. Things like this, I mean, don’t they feel more fun precisely because you only do them occasionally?”

“…? What do you mean?”

“Well it’s like this. Even if there is a second time around, isn’t it better to not do it for a bit……?”


The president thought about my proposal. During that break, everyone looked at me and all gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up…… Yes. The president was the type of person who quickly gets carried away by trends. If we convince her to hold off on this for a while, she’ll probably forget about it completely.

The president agonized over it for a good few seconds…… and then, with a smile, she gave her answer.

“That’s right! Quality over quantity!”

“Y, yeah.”

Although the quality was relatively and surprisingly low.

“I understand, Sugisaki! Next is…… yeah. Let’s do it a month from now!”


Everyone felt relieved.

Thus, it was decided that we wouldn’t do this overly dangerous program’s second show, at least for a month.

With this, the future was stable –

“So next, we shoot the student council’s PR video! (2) I just got this video equipment too!”

With a bang, she placed a large video camera on top of the desk.



As if we saw something unbelievable, we all froze.

The president…… she alone gleefully smiled.

“Now, this is just the beginning~!”




Even though we weren’t Leos, we were caught up in a very bizarre tragedy.

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(1) If you haven’t figured it out by now, try adding “Ma” to the blanks. Also, apparently Buzzy Beatles are called “Metto” in Japanese.
(2) PR = Public Relations

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