Chapter 3-1

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[3rd Discussion ~ The Broadcasting Student Council]

“Having connections and conflicts with other people allows a person to grow!”

As usual, the president stuck out her small chest and proudly spoke as if she were reciting something she probably read in some book.

“What do you mean by that?”

Since I didn’t really get what she meant, I asked back. When I asked, the President scribbled the discussion topic on the whiteboard. She slammed the board with a bang and said, “This!”

“Umm…… radio broadcast?”

It was clearly noted on the whiteboard…… but since I still didn’t understand, I questioningly tilted my head. Even Chizuru-san and the Shiina sisters were making curious faces when I looked at them.

The president alone still stuck out her chest and continued.

“That right! I think the student council should do a radio show from now on!”

“Ra, radio show……?”

As if it were an unpleasant premonition, the timid and shy Mafuyu-chan asked with a hint of fear.

“Umm…… a radio show? Like, playing music and talking?”

“That’s right. That’s a radio show.”

“…… Um. That…… um, why does the student council have to that? Mafuyu thought that was the job of the broadcasting club……”

That’s completely right Mafuyu-chan. Not just Mafuyu-chan, but everyone thought that. However…… There was a single person here who did not have that common sense.

“What are you talking about?! The student council is an organization that stands to bring the students together! Even we have to do things like political broadcasts sometimes!”

“So you know things like political broadcasts, Aka-chan. What a big girl you are!”

Chizuru-san comfortingly patted the president’s head as if she were a child. For just a second, the president half shut her eyes in comfort, but she came back to herself with a “Ha!” and pushed away Chizuru-san’s hand with a “Gahh!”

“I at least know about political broadcasts! Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Oh that’s right, Aka-chan. I’m sorry.”

“A, as long as you understand.”

“Yes…… That reminds me, yesterday, that highly rated quiz show had asked question with the theme ‘Political Broadcasts’ but…… No, nevermind.”

“……………… A, anyways! Political broadcasts!”

It seemed that’s how she got the idea. It looked like she was totally inspired by the television show.

However, once the president said something, she wouldn’t listen to anyone else. Next to me, Minatsu spoke with hints of a sigh.

“Well, even if we complain we’ll still do it…… But why radio? Wouldn’t using visuals be better?”

“I did think about that…… but when I went to the broadcasting club, they cried, ‘This is the only equipment we could give you right now……,’ and so, radio.”

As she said this, the president quickly began preparations. It seemed that all the wiring was finished behind the scenes long ago, as if she had gotten the broadcasting club to do it, and the president set up microphones in front of each of us.

…… I feel bad for the broadcasting club.

“E, everything was already completely prepared……”

Mafuyu-chan grew disheartened. Well…… by nature she isn’t the type of girl who likes to stand out. My condolences.

While everyone was pulled in and resigned to the situation, the president alone opened her mouth in high spirits.

“Look, haven’t more and more voice actors been on the radio lately? If lots of pretty girls get together and talk everyone would be greatly satisfied.”

“Prez, you shouldn’t underestimate voice actors, radio personalities or even the listeners.”

I retorted. However, the president seemed to want to keep pushing for her plan.

“All it takes is talking cutely in a cute voice to deceive male listeners.”

“Apologize! Apologize to all males aside from me!”

“So Sugisaki would be deceived…… Well anyway, with five people, we won’t run out of things to talk about. It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine. Just chat like we usually do.”

“You say like we usually do but……”

“Ah, Sugisaki, don’t talk too much. You don’t want to get arrested for breaking the broadcasting code.”

“So cruel!”

Well, I did understand. My usual insistence on erotic proposals would definitely be dangerous. But I had no intention of staying quiet.

It seemed that during the bustling, the setting had been completely set up. It looked like the laptop in the corner of the room was started up, it seemed that voice data was recorded on it. Basically, we weren’t doing it live, but making a pre-recorded broadcast. Just that was…… well, I could live with that. Even if we had a problem, we could deal with it.

Even though Mafuyu-chan was dejected, she seemed to have already also given in to this. Wearily, she cheerlessly tapped the mic.

On the other hand, with a cough Chizuru-san checked and cleared her throat. It was as if she had already decided she was going to do this, so she was going to give it her all. That was very like Chizuru-san.

Speaking of acting like themselves, Minatsu was already calm, having crossed her arms and confidently leaned back in her chair. Well, she was always chatting in the middle of class. She probably wasn’t nervous about something like an in-school broadcast.

“So, let’s begin!”

The president raised her voice, and on an installed switch-laden remote, pushed a single button.

…… Now then. It can’t be helped. If we’re going to do this, I’ll also properly deal with it.


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