Chapter 2-2

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[2nd Discussion: Part 2]

“Somehow all of a sudden, we stopped hearing about ghost stories in class. This must also be a gift of the student council president’s popularity!”

For the first time since the meeting two days ago, the president delightfully spoke to me. It’s been a while since it’s just been the two of us, and so I ignored her with a “that’s nice.”

The president’s complexion had completely recovered. Apparently not hearing anymore scary stories made her considerably glad.

“But…… I wonder why it calmed down so suddenly. It really is mysterious.”

“Calmed down…… huh?”


“No, it’s nothing.”

I secretly breathed out a sigh.

In fact…… this calm is only temporary. If you’re asking why I know that, it’s because I made this situation.

Scary stories. They sink into people with their mysterious charm, and even when you want to stop listening to them, you can’t.

Something that could stop scary stories.

Something like…

There’s only scary stories, is there not?

“Aah, it really is great. All that bad behavior calmed down.”

“Yeah. Great, great.”

As I looked at the president’s smile, I was hit with a complicated feeling. Was what I did really right?…… When I saw her innocent smile, I really couldn’t tell the difference anymore.

…… Because.

I made a new wonder for The Seven Wonders.

In her good mood, the president hummed. In my very complicated mood, I sighed.

What I did was simple. Based on what I felt at the meeting the day before yesterday, I just sent out a new Convenient-For-The-President-Seven-Wonders that I made.

The contents of the story in summary, was basically: “The curse that befalls those who know all of The Seven Wonders definitely exists, and evolves like the ghost stories of the world.” Even if someone knows more than seven wonders and nothing has happened to them yet… a heavier punishment awaits them down the line… that was the kind of ghost story I spread.
The last line of that ghost story is this:

“Who said anything about being safe if you discover more than seven?!”

This is the prototype of the story I made. Right now…… it’s spread around and it’s been refined to be even more frightening.

But through all the changes, the foundation of the story still remained intact. Yes, if the “Curse of the Complete Seven Wonders” and “Seeing more than seven is far from just unsafe, worse will happen” fundamental parts remained intact in the rumor, then that would be fine.

The result: With this story, there were many people who became scared, if only slightly, and the ghost story boom died down soon after.


“Like I thought, fun topics are just the best aren’t they?”

I stared at the good-humored president.

Did I really do the right thing? As a result I was able to see her smile. However……

“But it really is strange. Everyone was talking so much about ghost stories up until yesterday weren’t they?”

I motionlessly stared at the president who innocently tilted her head in wonder.


Humans who want to hear ghost stories.

Humans who want to tell ghost stories.

Humans who are scared of ghost stories.

Humans who hate ghost stories.


Humans like me, who make ghost stories for their own benefit.


“Hm. What iiis it Sugisaki?”

I laid myself across the table and smiled widely.

“It’s exactly like you said Prez, the scariest things are humans. I definitely learned that.”

“…? A, ahem! That’s right! It looks like you finally understand, Sugisaki!”

The president stuck out her chest and I smiled at her.

I had circulated that terrible ghost story.

I had circulated that terrible ghost story that the president would have hated.

And I had used fear to restrain all the students.

The president smiled at me.

I smiled back at the president.

What’s with us?

(Ahh, no no. This role is too degrading. I won’t do it anymore.)

In order to distract myself, I checked tomorrow’s schedule. Oh, home ec is tomorrow. We should be doing some cooking practice. In that case……


I remembered Minatsu’s ghost story.

I was just a little scared to hold a kitchen knife.

But at the same time.

I definitely considered trying to leave a knife in the home ec room.

…… Humans sure are scary, I thought.

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