Chapter 1-2

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[1st Discussion: Part 2]

“…… And Sugisaki is still in the student council room.”

Kurimu faced the student council members who met again in front of the school gates and smiled bitterly. The girls also softened their faces and smiled.

Minatsu cracked her shoulder and snorted.

“Geez, that guy really troubles himself to support us…… So he could chat with us for longer, he handles all of the student council duties himself and acts as if it’s nothing.……”

“S-so Mafuyu likes Sugisaki-senpai?”

At Mafuyu’s words, everyone let out a sigh, and Kurimu spoke for everyone.

“In this school, there isn’t a single person who actually hates that guy. Geez…… If he stopped going around talking about harems and whatnot, he could easily get a girlfriend or two……”

“Hmm, Aka-chan, would you be fine with Key-kun?”

“Wh- What are you talking about Chizuru?! There’s no way!”

Of course, Chizuru laughed seeing Kurimu so panicked, and Minatsu and Mafuyu joined in…… Everyone understood. They certainly each had their own favorable impressions of Sugisaki Ken. However, they were kept in check, well…… by none other than Sugisaki Ken himself.

By emphasizing that he wanted a harem, he was preventing himself from getting close with any particular person. Despite that, he truly and sincerely loved everyone in the student council, and Kurimu and the others had trouble dealing with it. They had trouble but……

Chizuru looked up towards the student council room and muttered.

“As you could expect from someone who talks about harems like that, he…… is our central pillar.”

“Central pillar?”

“Yes. It might be pretty late to be saying this, but we all have had pretty complicated pasts. Scars, you could call them.”

At Chizuru’s words, Kurimu, Minatsu, and Mafuyu’s faces clouded. Indeed, they each had their own private issues. They never talked about them with each other, and of course Sugisaki Ken would also not know the details.

Chizuru continued.

“But the time we spend chatting in the student council really helps us. We just sit there and enjoy ourselves. Even if it’s fake…… The warmth like that of a family dinner table is there.

Without a doubt, Key-kun created that. That’s why…… he is the central pillar. Not only is he the central pillar of the student council, but also the central pillar of this school.”

Kurimu took in Chizuru’s words and turned to look toward the student council room.

“Geez. He said it himself. That’s like the role of a teacher in a school drama.”

“The difference is he doesn’t come out and solve our problems, but just gives us a place to rest for the day.”

“B-but Mafuyu is really, really grateful for that.”

At Mafuyu’s words, everyone gave a bitter smile. That was because they all agreed. When all was said and done, no matter what plans people had, they almost always showed up to the student council room. This was ultimately because Sugisaki Ken was there, and so a fun atmosphere was created.

Kurimu moved on with a, “Now then.”

“Let’s go home already!”

“B-but is that really alright? Mafuyu-”

“It’s fine. Actually, I think Sugisaki wanted it to be this way. In that case, we have to respect his wishes.”


“In return, when Sugisaki is troubled by something, we should do everything we can to help him.”


Mafuyu was so moved that tears came to her eyes. And then she continued with a, “But……”

“But Prez-san, we won’t go out with him, right?”

“This and that are separate things. What kind of person would go out with a serial adulterer like him……?”

She gave an immediate reply.

Kurimu took that opportunity to end the conversation and said “Well, see you tomorrow,” and ran off. The other members also said their farewells and went their ways home.

In the evening, Kurimu again thought about Sugisaki and the girls, and she muttered to herself.

“Being a boring human, may not be so bad……”

If you gather people who think their lives are boring, it’s possible that instead, a lot of fun things would happen.

Hekiyou Private Academy student council.

Every day, boring people gather there to have fun conversations.

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