Volume 1

Seitokai no Ichizon – Hekiyou Gakuen Seitokai Gijiroku 1
The Student Council’s Discretion – Hekiyou Academy Student Council’s Minutes 1 (1)

The Hekiyou Private Academy student council room – only a select few are allowed to enter this sacred paradise.
Within the student council members, The single male student, vice president Sugisaki Ken once again shouted his love in the student council room. “I will make a harem of beautiful girls!”
And then, little miss student council president Sakurano Kurimu once again shouted her egoism in the student council room. “I have no interest in ordinary hu(self-restraint).” (2)
Days are passed with overly idle talk. Days are spent in overly youthful youth. Now go forth boys and girls, to the ocean known as delusions!
This is a pleasant, thrilling, and somewhat secret look at a piece of the Hekiyou Academy student council members’ written records of their beloved days. (3)

Nonexistent Prologue
1st Discussion ~ The Chatty Student Council
2nd Discussion ~ The Ghost-story Telling Student Council
3rd Discussion ~ The Broadcasting Student Council
4th Discussion ~ The Reform of the Student Council
5th Discussion ~ The Love-struck Student Council
6th Discussion ~ The Playing Student Council
Last Discussion ~ The Retrospective Student Council
Nonexistent Epilogue
Extra ~ The Writing Student Council

PDF and ePub Version


(1)So a fun note about this series’s volume titles: each volume’s title has the character for which number in the series it is. The first one has the word “Ichizon” which contains the character for “one.” And guess what? It’s the first volume. You’ll see by the second volume the pattern it plays.

(2) A Suzumiya Haruhi reference that’ll show up again later.

(3) So the “pleasant, thrilling” part is actually a reference. The words used were “yukai tsuukai” witten to mimic the opening theme of the old 80s anime Kaibutsu-kun. The title of the theme is “Yukai Tsuukai Kaibutsu-kun,” meaning “Pleasant and Thrilling Monster-kun.”


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