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Novel Summary (from baka-updates)

The student council members of a certain high school are chosen by an extremely unique method: They are chosen based on their popularity with the other students of the school. This unique balloting system has resulted in a student council full of pretty girls, with the third-year Sakurano Kurimu as the student council president. However, one member of the student council did not get in based on popular vote, but by taking advantage of a loophole which specifies that the student who tops the school in the year-end examinations may choose to join the student council. That student is Sugisaki Ken, a guy obsessed with eroge whose goal is to make the student council into his own personal harem!

halozy avatarTranslator – Jet Zanber

I’m a natural born otaku.

Or so I’d like to believe. I started out by living off of Power Rangers until the likes of Pokemon, DBZ and the like came to greet me. I would wake up at stupidly early hours to watch zoids and gundam. To be honest, even at this point, I had no idea I was hooked.
Middle school brought Star Wars-type chuunibyou, not that I was aware of it.
In high school, I reacquainted myself with anime, and a trip to Japan later, I was going all out. Watching countless hours of anime, reading volume after volume of manga, playing through visual novels, hunting for light novels, going to conventions, buying figures.
That brings me to now, where I decide on my next step: translation. You could say that I’ve finally gotten tired of dealing with a language barrier.
I’d like to believe I’m well versed in anime. I’m pretty open to anything and everything (outside of hentai at least), and watch a good deal of series during each season.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. I look forward to bringing you all translations!

Oh, and don’t mistake me for some super serious person because I’ve got a straightforward bio. I’m just really bad at writing silly things. Although, according to my friends, I’m a cross-dressing magical girl with an axolotl mascot. So I guess there’s that.

Hantsuki avatarSupervisor – Hantsuki:

I am writing this letter to expose the true corrupt nature of Nano and the abominable infestation many call “NanoDesu Translations”.
I am reaching out to whoever is reading this. Please help me.
My name is unknown to many, but most call me Hantsuki. How did I get that name? Well, it involves a story about a hospitalized tsundere girl…

Anyways, I was sent by the CIA to go undercover and find out the possible threat that Nano may bring in the future. Yes, Nano is an evil man.
He assassinated many great figures in history (like my puppy, my goldfish, and my imaginary friend).
According to my sources, he kidnaps people and brings them to his cave, and unspeakable horrors occur in there. When the kidnapped person comes out, he becomes a brainwashed translator for Nano.
Which leads to one hypothesis: he uses translators to do his evil bidding.

To get inside his secret lair, I disguised myself as an applying editor. Fortunately, I got hired even though I have little knowledge about the English language and its ridiculousness.
Much to my dismay, he saw through all of that. Apparently CIA is infested with Nano’s goons. He saw through my genius disguise (I was wearing a pizza delivery guy uniform). Safety? That’s a word you will never ever use again once you meet Nano.

His translators apprehended me, gave me the nickname Pantsuki, and tortured me for years. They also considered brainwashing me, but my mental fortitude proved to be a strong barrier to break (Rika, you saved me!).
Right now, I found a way to escape, but I’m running out of time. Oh no, I think they found me…

halozy avatarEditor – mbamg

Sup it’s mbamg. Up until recently I’ve only been dabbling into editing, but now I have some more free time to take this more seriously. If I say so myself, I have an eye for detail. I hope our works will fulfill your expectations for a good translation.

Not much in the way of hobbies. I like ArmA 2, reading up on history, and trying out good headphones. Oh, and mindlessly roaming around wikis.
Sugisaki Editor – wongbbw

I’m a typical otaku, but preferring to read manga and LNs to watching anime.  When not busy with real life, I divide my time between otaku activities and gaming, e.g. Dota 2.  I like to believe I’m a pretty chill, relaxed person, but I’m probably biased.
Otherwise, I hope that I can satisfy your editing expectations.  After I’ve helped edit a few volumes of Seizon and whatever projects I might later be assigned, I’ll maybe take the time to update this bio with something a little more entertaining.

6 thoughts on “About This Translation

  1. Thanks a lot for translating this awesome series, someday I’d like to learn Japanese as well, then the first thing I’ll do will be translating LNs if I ever learn it though, I really appreciate people who do stuff like this.

  2. It’s about time this series light novel got a translation! I looked for it about two years ago when I first watched the anime but came out with no luck! I’m revisiting the anime and thought I would look for the novels again and found you!
    I’m really excited about reading this novel and hope you keep up the good work!! Much love, no homo! 🙂

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