Urm… Hi?

So yeah, urm…hi I suppose?

It’s Victor your favourite meeper here! If you don’t know about me…that’s fine too I guess, just make sure to visit : https://magicalgfthetranslation.wordpress.com

To make meep short, the Seizon project had been sleeping for a while now. It’s a pity tho since it’s one of the best series(for me!) out there and so I picked it up as my 2nd(actually not the second but ‘officially’ the second) project of ND.

So rejoice to those who stayed faithful in their wait!

I will translate this and magicalGF together! Oh and feel free to post comments, critiques, or whatever meep you want! There’s also ND discord if you want to visit our dungeon : https://discordapp.com/QcnKT8T


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